Saturday, February 13, 2010

TRIGS As soon as I was content

As soon as I was ok with not being pregnant, if you read my previous post here, you'll understand, AF ended up being late. I assumed my luteal phase was different since this was my first real cycle since giving birth. Then my temp went up and was staying up so for the heck of it I took a HPT. It was bad blue dye test that I've read many things about false positives. To my suprise it was positive, but I didn't believe it until I got the FRER, that one was positive. I called the doctor and they had me go in for blood work, this was all Friday, btw. I peed in a cup for them and my result was neither positive or negative. They said it's probably too early, but I don't know at 14dpo?? Oh well, it is what it is. Friday evening I took a FRER digital and is said YES. So I'm guessing I am PREGNANT!!

My mom and grandma are less supportive than I hoped, but I'm sure they will come around. It took about 24hrs for my mom to congratulate us. She just doesn't like that I am having another so soon and she doesn't feel we are ready for another child. Whatever, Simon and I have discussed it and we were ok with this. My mom said we should have just had one. She just had 1 and always wanted more, but her circumstances never allowed it, then she ended up disabled. Grandma had 5 sons and she didn't want even 1 child, she never played with them or anything. She wasn't happy being a mother. So, Simon and I think there's a little jealousy associated.

Simon's family is thrilled. I'm sure Simon forgot to say not to tell anybody. I was wanting to keep it on the dl until we see the u/s and heartbeat, considering the neither positive or negative results.

I'm so early, I'm just enjoying being pregnant before the real symptoms kick in. So far I'm just really tired, but it may not be the pregnancy, it could be Ellie and the winter gloominess. I have a sore throat, but nothing hot tea, and salt water can't help soothe. If all goes well I should be able to get a VBAC, if I still want to at the end.

I may not post as much as I am worn out and busy. Just wanted to let my blog family know.


Elana said...

:-) I already knew all about this... Stupid doctor's office tests are sensitive to like 50, whereas FRER is like 25. They should've just done the blood test and been done with it. Did they?

ssbean said...

Yeah they did the blood test. I'll get the results on Monday.

mk said...

Omg! I am so happy and excited for you!!!! This makes
me feel better about when me and dh start ttc #2. What exactly did you do this cycle? When are you due? Are you hoping for a boy or girl? Ah! I'm so excited for u, soon to be momma of 2!!!

ssbean said...

What did I do? Nothing, lol. We had sex when he was home. I had another yeast infection at ovulation, same exact thin that happened the month I got pregnant with Ellie. May I add I've only had 2 real bad yeast infections and both were at ovulation of the months I got pregnant. STRANGE!!! I guess we really don't care. DH wants a boy, but I would like another girl.

mommybird said...

Congrats!! We just started TTC #4 this month and I think my family may be less than thrilled about our choice of timing, but it's all not up to them. Whatever you decide is best for you and your family.

~*JaYmE*~ said...

Congrats Sherry!! So excited for you and excited it didn't take so long this time!! Maybe I'll get lucky the next time around too!

Christina said...

Congrats! You give me hope now that TTC #2 won't take as long as #1!