Sunday, February 21, 2010


2 Friday's ago I had a sore throat. Four days later still had a sore throat. Being concerned it was strep throat I went in to see the doctor. It wasn't strep throat so I was instructed to treat the symptoms. No problem, right. Wed. night the ear infection kicked in. I was in such horrible pain that whole night. I didn't get much sleep it was so bad. Thursday we did those ear candles. For about 3hrs I didn't have pain and my ears were clear, they weren't stopped up at all. YAY!!! But then they started getting stopped up again. Grrr. Fortunately the pain never returned like it was. I held out and just talked to my doctor at my appointment on Friday. It was my first prenatal appointment. I told him about the ear infection. He looked for the otoscope, for like 30 seconds, said he couldn't find it. Just treat the symptoms. I have been taking sudafed like it's candy, I was taking benadryl, but Simon isn't home now. I'm taking loratidine once a day. My ears are so stopped up. I'm not talking much to people, not even Ellie. I hate the way I sound, I hate the way I'm hearing. My ears do hurt a little, but I can deal with that, it's the stopped up ears I've had enough of.

You all know how I worry. I'm also worried about the possible damage untreated an untreated ear infection will do. I know my doc thinks it will clear up on it's own. But I wasn't nearly deaf as a child because my ear infections cleared up. I did get tubes in my ears because they cleared up. And I have been told numerous times as an adult that I would likely need tubes in 1 or both ears at some point because all is well in there.

Where do I got from here? Do I insist on them giving me something, aren't there antibiotic eardrops? Do I just deal with and if that's the answer, for how long, another week, 2wks, 4wks or until 2nd tri? Do I go to my PCP? What shall I do? I seriously have no idea.


Morgan Owens said...

That really sucks about your ears! I wouldn't have even dealt with it for more than a few days..I would DEMAND some antibiotics for it! Or at least some pain meds ear drops! Hope you feel better soon!

P.S.- Since you are blogging more you should totally let me do a blog makeover for you! I notice you like purple and there are alot of purple things I can install for you! :)

ssbean said...

Hey Morgan, that sounds great about making over my blog. Can we discuss things on facebook?

Morgan Owens said...

Sure, send me a message on FB and we will figure out what we can do to spice it up! I'll get all your favorite colors and stuff like that on FB! :)