Friday, February 27, 2009


This will be my last update, living in an appartment, or so it looks. Today was supposed to be the closing date, but yeah, stuff happened. Two days before closing we find out that we are in a flood zone. That is after we asked multiple people and were told it was not. Great!! Initially my mother in law, immediately said we definetly don't want it. Simon and I were both upset about being lied to, and about OUR house not being our house. I was devestated, Simon was upset, and his mom was stressed to the max. Neither of us were thinking rational at this point. So we irrationally looked at some options.
Option 1: We looked at a house last night that is $30,000-40,000 above our price range. It's friends of my mother in law, an older couple. The husband built the house for their needs, and at the time, they had one of their mothers staying in it. It had nice oak hard wood floors, oak walls, ceramic tile in the kitchen, way too much storage space, as he has a workshop that can also be storage, and an above ground pool. Like OUR house, there are no hallways really it's very open. It's 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. However, no bathroom is for guest so to speak. It's 2 master bed/bath. So if we had people over they would have to go through a bedroom to get to the bathroom. A bedroom is something I consider private, it's the person who dwells in that room's private and personal things, not to be seen by everybody, unless they consent to it. Strange? Maybe, but I don't care. Both bathrooms have large walk in showers, not bathtubs. Now you tell me how you will bath a 1-2yr old child in a shower? Not ideal, IMO. But my mother in law was excited about it. The way we "would" have done it, would have been us getting the loan for our price range which was on the upper side anyway. They owed a certain amount, and that's what we would get the loan for. The other 30,000 they were going to do a side note with my mother in law and she would be paying that part. Ugh, I don't mind some help from her, but that's taking it way over board. A little too much for me, and I didn't feel comfortable with all that. Simon and I talked and we agreed that whatever we did, we wouldn't do that.

Option 2: We could rent an apartment in the town, nicer than the one we're in, and around the family like we want to be. No lease, since the realtor was getting us into it, and we would still be looking for a house in the meantime. It would be 2 stories, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bath. Simon hates the 2 story thing with a passion, I kinda like it some, but for a temporary move, I'm not crazy about it.

Option 3: Suck it up and move in to OUR house, continuing with the process. After all, this is the perfect house in our price range, best set up, good neighborhood, no fix ups needed. The only thing is it's in a flood zone. The seller and our realtor have offered to pay the first year of flood insurance, because ultimately they made a mistake. Meanwhile the neighbors are apparently considered in a flood zone now, and they are fighting to get it rezoned. We figured, that we would regret passing up this perfect house if we decided to go that way. So, we will be going through with our house. We will be closing Monday at 10am. We have been leisurily packing and cleaning as we go. Kitchen and nursery are pretty much completely packed. Our bedroom is half packed. The living room and bathroom and the hall closets are about to be worked on.

I must say I hate this whole process. We are trying to clean and pack, pack and clean. We've got to some how get the water and electric at the new house put in our names, we have to get the water, electric, and cable turned off here at the old place. It's just so much involved. I'll be so glad when we are done and moved in to the new house. Then I can start preparing for Ellie, my fun part.

Speaking of Ellie, I have an update. My amniotic fluid is no longer low. The number they gave me at the OB office was 15, and anything over 10 is good. 5-10 is low, and requires extra monitoring and below 5 is dangerous. I'm thrilled that it's looking so much better now. Ellie is currently in a breech position. I don't remember what it's called. Her head is buried in my right rib, and I thought 2 feet in the ribs were painful. Hehe, a head doesn't feel so great either. She's sitting with her legs crossed. I'm not concerned, nor are the doctor's just yet. My doctor said they still move around a lot until after 34wks. After 34wks, I guess they start discussing other options. Really not a terrible fear of mine. Before I ever got pregnant, I said if I have to cough a baby out, then so be it. I feel the same, however I can get my baby out, is fine with me, as long as she's healthy, and I'm healthy. Of course c-section isn't the most ideal, but in a way, I would rather have it. I've had major abdominal surgery, a scar from just below my breastbone, down to below my belly button, I survived then, I can survive again. But, I'm not too thrilled to have burning, itching, and discomfort down below. It scares me. I know, I'm backwards. Her weight was 5lbs, 2oz. However they told me they always get a higher weight than the high risk place, so my guess is she's between 4.5lbs and 5lbs.

This time I really don't plan of writing anymore post until after the move and stuff. Unbelievable how soon it's going to happen. Oh, and I forgot, I have my first shower on Sunday. Life is getting very busy...maybe a little much for modified bed rest.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good and Bad appointment yesterday

Can I start with the good?

I had a very good consultation with the pulmonolgist. They will do the sweat test on Ellie between 3-6 months that will tell them if she really has CF. With the two different mutations, they think it's possible that it wont even really be CF. But, it's a wait game. They say if anything, it'll be just the sinus problems, but wont be the digestive problems. They said if we have a boy he would most likely be sterile, but since we are having a girl we don't have to worry about it. So, it was a wonderful appointment. We are very happy with what we learned.

The bad was at the high risk doctor. I am low on amniotic fluid. They want me to start seeing them and my OB 1 time a week each. So every Tuesday I will see my OB and every Friday I will see the high risk. They really want to get me past 34wks, which I am 33wks today. He would really like to see me get another month out, which will put me at 37wks. But, it looks like I will not have an April baby, but rather a March baby. Adjusting to that is kinda weird. I've been thinking April all this time, and now suddenly it's March, next month. Could be next week or even the week later. I'm not ready quite yet. Maybe it would be scary even if I had 1 or 2 weeks left before my edd.

The doctor really freaked me out. Usually the tech does the ultra sound then as soon as she's finished, the doctor comes in, does a quick ultrasound says what he needs to say, and we leave. Yesterday didn't go quite this way. Instead, the tech left, and 30 minutes later the doctor came in. And I must note they were not busy, compared to other times. My mom was with me and helped calm my nerves. Then I hear over the little intercom system Dr. B is on line 1 for...(not sure what they said). Dr. B is my OB. So, crap, first it's taking forever, now they have my doctor on the line. What's going on? About 10 minutes later the doctor comes in and does his ultrasound. He's checking a lot of things on the heart, but not saying anything. My mom told me after the appointment, she was scared. She was standing by the plasma screen trying to see anything, but was having trouble really seeing much. She didn't know what she was looking at, other than the heart. After the longest 5 minutes of looking at the heart, he started talking. He told us he was just practicing with looking at the heart. Okay...strange, but this dude is like really strange and shy anyway. He said she is a good weight, 4 and a half pounds. Maybe he was looking at the heart to make sure if we had to deliver next week, we could. I don't know. Then he procedes to tell us about the low amniotic fluid and the plan. It took all evening for this news to really sink in, I blame it on the way things were handled at the appointment. With the extra long wait, hearing that my OB was on the phone (I assumed that they called, left a message, and the dr. was in an exam room so couldn't go to the phone right away), that he came in a looked so much at the heart before saying anything. Yeah, it was freaking me out a bit. But after a good night of sleep, I feel so much better.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Moving MIA

We find out today if we will be closing earlier than next Friday. Meanwhile, we are packing and boxing up our life. This is gonna take some time and effort. Not sure when and if I'll be able to sit down and get online. I'm thinking we will probably have cable which includes the internet cut off the beginning of next week. Cable will probably be the first to go and the last to come back after we move. Not to mention, my first shower is March 1st. So, I'll be organizing baby stuff, and organizing and unpacking stuff. Then March 14th I have the other shower. So really from here on out, it's going to busy for me. It'll help time fly. But, like I said, I'm not sure how long I will be MIA. It could be a week or several weeks. I may get a minute free, or be at somebody's house with internet an be able to give a quick update, especially after my consultation with the Pediatric Pulmonoligist next Tuesday. Oh, yeah, and our anniversary on Tuesday. :-) So I'm busy. I'll be back soon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interesting 32wk appointment

I loved my appointment. My regular doctor is out of time, so I saw the other one. The one I saw is AWESOME. Very informative, caring, patient, he's awesome. I hope he's on call when I go into labor.
Still no protein in my urine. Yay me! My blood pressure was a wonderful 120/60. Double Yay me! I was a couple pounds heavier than what they like to see. Nay me! But, in my defense, or maybe this is bad, but I did kinda scarf down a double cheese burger from Wendy's, and it wasn't the little 99cent one either, it was the big momma. I had that right before going in. So maybe if I took my phone out of my pocket, didn't eat that much before going in, and maybe cut my hair before, I wouldn't be a couple pounds heavier. Yeah, that's what I'll tell myself. I'm measuring 34wks, not 32wks. He said that's not a problem. And to think the last week, I have felt like I've shrunk, guess it was just an illusion.
I talked to him about that really bad ECP I was having. At which, I have to say, it's totally ok now. Well, there's a little pain, but it's NOTHING like it was the end of last week. That's what I told him, but I asked him, what he would recommend me do when and if it gets that bad again. He said, a warm bath, heating pad, and tylenol. Those to warm baths over the weekend, must have done the trick. I can't really take a bath in the appartment, it's not really a nice comfortable tub. But, come the end of next week, I'll have my house with nice tubs I can use. Yay!!
Yesterday I started having some cramps. The cramps felt much like things felt while I was having my amnio. When the needle was in my uterus, there was a very distinct cramp/feeling that I should never forget. Yesterday I had a few of those same sensations but all over my uterus. Today I've had some, but I've also had some intestinal type cramping only not in my intestines, but all over my uterus. I had several this morning, a few later on, and a few at the doctor's appointment. He said it's definitely contractions. He didn't seem to be worried, so I'm not freaking either, my mom is a different story. He said it's no big deal until they become regular and I have like 6 an hour for a couple hours, then call and go to L&D. Sounds good to me. I'm going to guzzle water to make sure I'm hydrated. But, I feel better now that I know I know what a little contraction feels like. My mom had several days of these before I was born. She said don't let these fool me, that actual labor is a lot worse. Well, I kinda figured that. Please say a prayer that Ellie stays put for a while longer. For one I'm not ready for her. We need to move, have a couple showers, and get her nursery and stuff ready. That right there will take us up to 36-37wks probably. But, more importantly, is at 32wks, no way she's ready to come right now. So, baby stay put and NOOOO labor vibes for me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My dog

It's looking like I wont have my little pal after this evening. Simon put an add out for her. Somebody called him already and is wanting to see her tonight, despite that she's hyper. I'm gonna miss her :-( She's my buddy, my friend, my pal. But this is going to be a little hard for me. The greatest thing is that this couple who is interested lives in the town we are moving to. :-) So, while I'm sad about missing my buddy, I'm excited that she'll be moving too. Simon said he didn't ask the woman a lot of questions, because she was asking a lot. I told him it'll be ok, and we'll ask her the few questions we need to make sure she's going to a good home. So, wish me luck, this still isn't going to be the easiest things I've done.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm back

We're back from out trip. It was WONDERFUL! I'm so glad we went. We stayed at the bed and breakfast which was nice, as always. We did a few "tourist" things and stayed away from our area of town as much as we could, so it would feel more like we were actually out. We went to a place called Ruby Falls. It's on the mountain, and you go under ground via elevator. You walk through with a group and tour guide and see all kinds of cool thing in the cave. It was a mile of walking and I was very nervous about it. It hurt some walking, but in the long run I think it was good for me. It was totally even ground, some steps and stuff. That night I was in a good amount of pain. Every time I tried to roll over in bed, it was very painful. Plus heartburn was no fun. And, I have to sleep with no lights, no TV on, and no sound. Since Simon works 3rd shift, he woke up in the middle of the night, turned the TV on, which woke me up. Urg. I wasn't happy. I woke up many times during the first night. Some for the bathroom, some from heartburn, some from ECP, and some from the TV. Yesterday we went driving, watched some hang gliders, went to our church (I know, not a tourist activity, but we wanted to go), and went to a state park. Oh, and we found this really awesome buffet. I always say that is should be the law that any buffet, should have hand sanitizer available and request people use it. This place, actually had 2 big things of it and requested it. Oh, and in bathrooms, you know how it's law to post that employees must wash their hands in the bathroom. This place also had signs requesting EVERYBODY wash there hands. How awesome is that. Ok, so here's my problem with buffets. You use the utensils to put food on your plate, the same utensils many others of have used. You eat your food, lick your fingers, cough, and then go back to the buffet and get more food. Meanwhile everybody there and all that's been there that day have done the same thing. Talk about disgusting germs. So having hand sanitizer at a buffet, only makes sense. Plus the quality of the food was awesome. It was clearly home cooked type food, not frozen stuff reheated.
Sleep last night was AWESOME. Well, compared to the first night anyway. I didn't have much ECP, just a tad of pain, nothing terrible. Heartburn didn't happen. Simon did turn the TV on in the middle of the night which disturbed my sleep. Then he wanted to study for his CDL, but I recommended him going down to the Waffle House. How genius of me. He got so much accomplished, and I got 4 or so hours of peaceful sleep without TV interuption. We did a little today, and now we're home. Vacation is home, which is great, I'm so tired.
I have learned though, that lots of walking, though it may be painful at times, has really helped this ECP. I have an appointment with the OBGYN in a couple days, so I'll still talking about it. Then next Tuesday is my high risk and the pulminologist appointment. My sister in law has a good friend who has a little boy with CF. She is also available for me to talk to and stuff. I'm looking forward to meeting her.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm great, but...

I am feeling fantistic still with this pregnancy. Except for one pretty darn big thing. I was naive to think that I wouldn't have ECP, or not bad anyway. It seemed like a lot of what I read was mostly women in their 2nd, 3rd, or more pregnancies. Now, first I have to say, that I'm not sure what I am talking about ECP (evil crotch pain), is what most others have. But, whatever this is, it's definitely EVIL, beyond evil, it's in the crotch, and it's some of the worse pain I've ever had. Not the worse, but it's about equal to when I sprain my knee last year.
To explain what I'm feeling, so maybe some of you who have been pregnant recently or those who are around where I'm at in your pregnancy can help me. This I'm sure will be TMI, so feel free not to read, but I'm disparate for help and the only way to get it is explain what I'm experiencing.
It's constant pain mostly on the right side of my pubic bone. It feels terribly bruised, and it goes up to where my leg and abdomen meet. When putting on pants and underwear I have to sit down. I can barely lift my right leg, and when I do, it's excruciating pain. Going down stairs is extremely painful. Walking is far from painless. I'm walking with a limp because I can't put much weight on my right leg. Especially getting into a vehicle is very painful. I have to sit, then twist both legs into the vehicle, same when I get out. Like I said, it's constant and it HURTS. My mom doesn't remember this, but she was pregnant 26yrs ago and only once. Time does fade memories. I have an appointment on Wednesday and I plan on discussing this and the severity of it. Oh, yeah, and it's painful to lift even a basket of clothes. I've done some research, and I'm not a doctor so I can't really diagnose myself, but
Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction sounds like what I'm experiencing. Not too much can be done for it, other than common sense things, that the pain forces you to do or not do. Like getting in and out of the car the way I said, or sitting to put on pants and underwear. Umm, duh, you got to when you have this pain. Oh, yeah, also when I sleep in the bed (I mostly sleep in the recliner these days), it is VERY painful to roll over. Is there a stronger word for painful?
I was in Walmart today, and used a scooter, can't believe it. It's not something I'm proud of. So here I am going through Walmart for a few things and for some mental health (getting out and about). The pain was so bad, I was seriously on the verge of crying. Seriously, my eyes were watering. And, I was raised to not cry from never helps. So it has to be really bad pain for me to cry. As a general rule though, crying is pointless so why do it. Maybe that's a little harsh, but that's the way I was raised, and I still live that way. But occassionally pain is so bad, that it does force tears out, and this is on the verge of being that bad. The last 2 times I can think of that I've had pain bad enough for crying was, right after I sprained my knee in a ski incident last year, and my last cycle on clomid when I had a wk long migrane. By Friday, it was so bad, that I was throwing up and before it got better I ended up crying. I had to take my mom's migrane medicine to get relief. This is almost that bad. Thing is, I have 2 more months left. So I get to have this pain, and who's to say it's not going to get worse, for around 2 more months. It's going to take a lot of strength and a lot of prayers to continue to functioning with moving soon and the normal "have to's" in life.
We are going to our bed and breakfast this weekend. Simon is at work and gets off in the morning. He'll sleep for a little while, while I pack and get ready. We'll head up the mountain and we have a few activities to do. Hopefully the pain is down some, and I may actually pop some tylenol. We're spending 2 night there. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not looking forward to not having my recliner to sleep in. But, with prayer and tylenol, I'll survive, right. I have his valentines day gifts, and I thought it was anniversary too, but he said that he's going to give me a little something on our anniversary. Totally defeats the purpose. But, whatever he wants. I got him a shirt that says "Trophy Husband." It's kinda cute, and I really think he's the best husband ever. Or at least the best husband for me. I didn't want to get him flowers or a card even, or chocolates. I mean really what do you get a man? His want list is getting long with electronics, but it seems to be a little pricey right now. So a shirt it is. Pray for me this weekend that I wont have as severe pain down yonder.

Update this morning: So far, though the day has only begun, the pain seems to be quite a bit better. Hope it stays this way.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Day

We got married 10 days after Valentines Day. Why? So when life is busy, we can celebrate both any time in a matter of 10 days. Think about it, life gets busy and maybe we can't do anything on the 24th, but just maybe the 14th falls on a better day. Well, I didn't see it coming for our 2nd anniversary. I figured I would still get my box of chocolates and a card (something real small) on Valentines Day, then we would celebrate our anniversary. Not looking that way. I'm not sure if I'm happy or not about this. Simon asked me tonight if I wanted to go to local motel this weekend. We live in a medium size city, we get tourist. So it's not like it's a small boring town. There are many things I haven't done here. Living in a tourist town, you don't always get to do the fun stuff. I told him to surprise me. The reason for this, is because we do hope to be moving and settling in during our anniversary and I do now have 2 appointments on our anniversary. So, it's going to be busy. And hey, isn't a house enough of an anniversary gift. If we don't do a fancy dinner this weekend, which I don't mind not doing, then we can do it on our anniversary and I would be estatic. Just basically a weekend getaway in town, a time to relax, and have a good time, and maybe see the aquarium, or he can take me to some other attraction. I guess I'm going to look at some of the area hotels. I have to ask something.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Saw the house and have an appointment

We got to see the house again today. We measured for blinds/curtains, the refridgerator, and checked the size air filter we will need. We fell in love with the house all over again. We will close no later than Feb. 27th. We are hopeful that we will close before, but that's the date set for sure.
I have an appointment with the pediatric pulmanologist (sp?). He sees all the babies and children in the area who have CF. At my last high risk appointment they tried to schedule my next appointment for Feb. 24th, but since it's our anniversary, I requested a different day. Well, turns out Feb. 24 is the day our consoltation appointment is. He only does these appointments on Tuesdays, so it'll work. I'm really looking forward to it. I was surprised when I started asking a few questions from the lady on the phone. So maybe I will have questions. I haven't really thought much about it lately. She said that when my due date gets closer she will be keeping an eye in labor and delivery for me. She said the doctor likes to check the baby the first day so they like to really be on their toes. Oh, and she loved the name Elizabeth Ellen. She told me at the beginning of the conversation that she loved the name, that it has nothing to do with the CF, but she just had to tell me. I haven't gotten any negative responses about the name. I feel like we've come up with the best name for the best little girl. I'm looking forward to this appointment. It's only a couple weeks away now.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Preg. update and other

My high risk appointment went very well last week. Ellie is looking great. She weighed 3lbs3oz, which was right on for 30wks, and I was 29wks 6 days. So, basically I was 30wks. Everything was wonderful. The next day I had my OBGYN appointment and all was well there. My blood pressure was great, and still no protein in my urine. Can I really luck out and not get pre-ecclampsia even though I've had high blood pressure for 5yrs? We'll see, we now have less than 9wks before this pregnancy is over. I can't believe it.
When I entered the 3rd trimester I wondered when I would start feeling aches and pains and not being comfortable. Well, all in all, I'm still feeling great with no rights for complaining really, but the discomforts have started some.
One thing my feet are KILLING me. I can't walk in a store without feeling like my feet are going to fall off...well maybe I hope they will fall off. On a side note, I've had really bad feet for as long as I can remember. I remember being 6yrs old and I couldn't stand/walk for a day of shopping and at age 13, I couldn't handle without extreme pain a day of walking at an amusement park. But, I guess the extra weight is making it even more painful for me. I want to walk so bad...I try to walk despite the pain, but it HURTS. Knock on wood, I'm not having back pain. Heartburn has me scaling the walls at night from time to time. I'm now sleeping in the recliner which helps it some. Another reason for the switch, is it's so hard for me to remain laying on my side. I always roll over to my back, or I get uncomfortable on one side and need to roll to other. I guess being overweight and pregnant, rolling over is hard, really hard. Sometimes I think Ellie is going to kick through my skin to get out, but she's refusing to let her Gammy see or feel her move. She was really shy about letting Simon feel her, but now she's used to him. Now, he'll come into a room and talk, and she'll get active. She's already a little stinker. LOL. We have a Toyota Tundra, that I mainly drive, but I knew that the day would come that it would be too hard for me to climb up in it. That day hasn't come yet...but I can see it in the near future. It's getting harder to get up in it. We have to hurry and get the car fixed so I can switch and ride it. However, a car is going to be hard in it's own way too. Darn being overweight and pregnant. Memo to self..."before next pregnancy loose weight." Overall though, I may be a little uncomfortable here and there, and at times I may be have something called pain...but in general, nothing to make me wish the pregnancy was over. I'm still enjoying being pregnant. While I can't wait for the day I get to hold my little Ellie and see her, I'm gonna miss being pregnant.

We went to a different church tonight, one in the town we will be moving to. Our current church is still in driving distance, like 45mins-1hr away from our new house. We could keep going to it, many do commute for our church. Yeah, it's that awesome. However, we really feel like we need to try to find a church closer and in the area we live. I feel like we are house/home hunting again. We are looking for a church home so it's similar. We like to visit other church for fun, but now we are having to visit with a mission. We are looking for a church that will fit our family. I don't think it's going to be the easiest part of moving. We'll have to wait and see where we are led.

I'm tired and ready to go to bed. I could write about a couple more random things if I could keep my eyes open.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Amnio results on paper

They sent me the results and a confirmation of the telephone conversation. The chromosome result confirms that she is female. So much for my father in law's theory. Even though I have seen like 4 ultra sounds seeing that she is a she, my father in law was convinced that it was wrong. I can understand being iffy on one ultra sound, but when you have multiple ones later and still no package goods indicating a boy, then I think I trust the doctor's.

So, back to business. "The reulsts of the DNA analysis for cystic fibrosis indicates that Elizabeth inherited a CF mutation from each of you. She inherited the delta F508 mutation from Sherry, and the R117H mutation from Simon."

"You will recall from our previous discussion tht the R117H mutation is not a typical classical CF mutation. Only when it is paired with a polymorphism known as 5T does it function as a true CF mutation. Simon does not have 5T. His genotype is 7T/7T. Thus we know that your baby has delta F508 (which is a classical mutation) and R117H 7T."

"Predicting the exact effect of this genetic make-up on your daughter is not possible. However, it is unlikely that she will have classical CF. She may have unclassical CF, pancreatitis, sinusitis, or be relatively asymptomatic."

So that I didn't really mess up the facts, I just quoted the letter. So, that looks pretty good doesn't it. I really hope she doesn't have pancreatitis. I had it when I was in the hospital after having my spleen removed and it hurts real bad. My mom and her best friend both have chronic pancreatitis, and it's no joke. It's so "weird" to see the name "Elizabeth" in reference to my baby, and see the words "your daughter."

Maybe this is more for the genetic counselor but what is 5T and what is 7T. I know this doesn't matter when it comes to Ellie and her CF, but I have always been interested in genetics, sciences and all that good stuff. So, I'm just curious, what exactly is that referring to. I'm gonna take it to google, but I do have a feeling that I will do best by asking the genetic counselor my curious question.

On another note, I'm feeling a lot better. I had not 1, but 2 bowls of cereal this morning, and I don't feel sick. YIPPEE. But, I've decided to not go to Babies R Us, but rather go to Target, and a used baby store in the area. Babies R Us is in a different part of town that right now I just don't feel like traveling to. Then I get to Ellie on the ultra sound. Hopefully she's doing fun gymnastic moves again and I'm hoping to get another great picture of her face. I'll update later.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm SICK!!

I hate to complain, but I'm tired of being sick. It all started Friday night in the middle of the night. I started feeling not so well. Simon got home from work Saturday morning, and he too wasn't feeling well. Saturday was torture for both of us. We were both sick, and it was no fun. Sunday we started getting a little better, slowly, but surely. We weren't as bad as we were on Saturday. Now, Monday, still getting better, but neither are 100% better yet. We can't eat much at all- it's very strange for him. If we eat more than a few bites, we feel sick. My fever is pretty much gone, though it's an off and on thing. We're both pretty miserable, and just ready to start feeling 100% bettter. I'm getting short tempered, as is he. He's having to take care of some business today. I have things to do tomorrow, including a high risk appointment. My mom and I have been planning for about a month now to do some baby shopping tomorrow and she is going with me to my appointment. I don't want to blow her off, so hopefully I'll feel well enough tomorrow to hang out with her. I'm just tired of being sick.