Monday, February 15, 2010

Strep Throat

I am about 90% sure I have strep throat. My throat has been hurting pretty bad for 4 days now. It's red, and has white areas and swollen. It hurts to swallow and I have drainage. It's zapping my appetite completely. At times it itches, and I thought it was meaning it was getting better, but then the pain would once again take over the itchy/scratchy feeling. I really hope they can squeeze me in today at my doctor's office. I hate going around with a sore throat, I don't even want to talk. I don't even care if I have to miss class today. I would like to go to class, so hopefully they can get me in before. But if not I would like to at least go to class and take the quiz then I'll leave. Maybe I can even make it back for lab.

I REALLY hope Ellie doesn't get it. I don't even know really how to keep a watch for it. I guess she'll pop her throat like she does right before she gets a sinus infection. I'll have to keep a close watch on her so I can hopefully detect it before she goes 4 days with a horrible sore throat.


The Dorns said...

I sure hope you dont have strep with a early pregnancy. That has to be not good. Some kids in my childcare had some throat thing called Herpangina which I never heard of but similiar to strep i guess. Well jkeep us posting if you are pregnancy what a joy and how quickly it was is a blessing. I have mine on ice but not sure when would be a good time to thaw them.