Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me

Such a lonely, normal day. I woke up this morning, got ready, got Ellie ready, took Ellie to her aunt's house, went to school. After class I went to pick Ellie up. Her and I went to Target to get some of those Little Boogie nose wipes for babies, toilet paper, window shop baby/toddler clothes, and I got me some of those little cheddar rice cakes (Yummy). Came home, checked the mail, changed a diaper. I'm tired as all get out, but I think I really want to go to choir practice tonight. I'm not talking much because my ears are so stopped up. But, I'm tired of not going to choir, so maybe I'll go and just sit and learn the stuff so I'll know it when we are singing it.

That's my day in a nutshell, Feb. 24, 2010, mine and Simon's 3rd year anniversary. He's out, he will be home Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. He's sure he wont be back Friday, which is actually when they have him getting back so here's to another week last week where he'll be home 2 freakin days. I'm so upset. I keep telling him that the company doesn't care if he's getting all his crap out of one truck and moving it into another truck to go back out. They don't care if he gets any home time. It's his responsibility to tell them that he is supposed to get home and can't take a certain load because he'll be home late if he does. But, that's his business if he doesn't want to spend time with his wife and child. Whatever. I told him if he gets home late he really should tell them when they call him the next day getting him to go out the following day (not even 2 full days home), that he isn't going out till he's home. But if he doesn't want to do that, which knowing him, he wont, then oh well. I told him Ellie and I will be going through our days like normal, with him here or not. Nana will babysit Ellie on Monday, my SIL on Wednesdays, and my mom or somebody on Fridays. If it's not important to him to be home when he's supposed to be, then it's not going to be important for me to alter our schedule for if or when he's home.

Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones talking, but I'm not too happy with they way he's making this job his life. I understand when he's out he needs to be out. But he refuses to get info from the stock we took out last year for tax purposes. It wasn't may stock, I have NO idea what it's about. He's supposed to be out for a week, 7 days, meaning if he goes out Saturday, he comes home Friday. Then he's supposed to be home 3-5 days. It was all great at first he was home when he was supposed to be, I could actually estimate a couple weeks in advance and "plan" something. Now I can't because the are keeping him out an extra day, so he's only home 2 days. And "THEY" are people who are home EVERY night with their damn family. The hell with them. I'm mad at them. I'm mad at DH for letting them walk all over him like that. He would rather jump when they say jump, than do things "right," the way they are supposed to be. Then in an attempt to be supportive, I back tracked and said maybe he is right, and maybe he should go ahead and just play the kiss ass game for now. Since he is new, maybe he should do whatever they say and suck it up if he's not getting home time. Then he got mad because he said I was supposed to be suportive. Ummm, I thought I was being supportive.

I'm pretty sure we wont be celebrating our anniversary this year. Oh well, it's not that big of a deal anyway. I thought we were going to celebrate it this Saturday, but if he gets home Saturday or Sunday, then that's out of the question. It's not all that important, in fact I really don't even want to celebrate it. I mean we wont have a babysitter anyway, so we wont be going on an actual date anyway. We got married 10 days after valentines day so we would have 10ish days to celebrate either or both. Guess this year we're celbrating NEITHER at all. Maybe we'll celbrate our 5yrs and 10yr...yeah we'll just do stuff for the big anniversaries. The little ones don't matter anyway. Just like birthdays...all those people that make a huge deal over every birthday, need to grow up and realize the world does NOT and NEVER did revolve around them. Sorry if that stepped on toes. Obviously I'm not happy right now and MY blog is MY place that I can vent.


Morgan Owens said...

I'm really sorry about the Simon situation..I know it must be really hard and frusrating for you! I agree with you 100%, he should really stand up for himself and get more "home" time. Ellie is only this age once and he's missing alot of have every right to be mad!
I would say happy anniversary but I'm guessing this isn't the right time lol

Anonymous said...
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