Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

While the hubby was in truck driving school, to prepare him, and myself for this career, I verbally quoted "Expect the Unexpected." I did my homework about many truck companies and learned that those 3 words were the key to being an over the road truck driver. He was supposed to be at the terminal this evening to go out with his trainer. I get him there, it's only 30 minutes away. We hang out and he waits for his trainer. Eventually he asked about his trainer and wondered what the deal was. His trainer was do for home time. So, he is put off till Friday at 9am. Ugh, I hope this works. The first time we said our goodbyes, I cried, tears and all. Today when we said goodbye, I was fine, until I saw him playing and talking to Ellie, and she was laughing, then I got teary eyed, but no tears. Friday I'll be ready to kick him out real quick. LOL. We are both anxious for him to be out and making money and doing what he wants to do...truck driving.

Ellie is pooping sooooo much. It's crazy. She's went 6 times, maybe more for 3, maybe more days in a row. I hope her probiotics help soon. I've decided to cut out her solid food at lunch time. She'll still have breakfast and dinner. These poops are crazy!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ellie had her CF appointment today. It took forever this time. Ellie will be having a swallow study study on Monday and will soon have a bronchial scope. She's always had congestion mainly in the morning. It's just getting worse and she's coughing now. She's not coughing all the time, just some. But before they go and give her medication they want to make sure she isn't aspirating when she eats. She had her first flu shot today and the rsv shot. In a month we will get her 2nd flu shot and her 2nd rsv. Apparently she has to have 5 rsv shots. And I still have to get the H1N1 vax for her.

Simon FINALLY has a trainer. He has to be at the terminal at 3pm tomorrow. He will be training for 3wks and hopefully pass the test they give then he'll be out 7-10 days more with a teammate before coming back home. I'm kind of hoping it'll just happen to fall on Thanksgiving or a day before or day after, sometime around then.

That's it for now.

Real Quick

This is going to be a short one. I'm rushing around but was online while I blow dry my hair, so figured I would drop a line. Simon is STILL waiting for a trainer. Hopefully he gets one today or tomorrow. In the meantime he's home with us. Yeah, that's good I guess. At this point no matter how long he's home, he'll still have to be out for 5-6 training and stuff. So the sooner, the better IMO.

Ellie has a CF appointment today. I'm hoping all goes well. She's pooping a lot, eating a lot, and is having allergy problems. Hopefully nothing is CF related. But we'll find out in a few hours. Yesterday she pooped 6 times and last night she ate 8oz of baby food, and 30 minutes later wanted 6oz of formula, plus our bedtime nursing session. I guess she pooped all out and had to refill her digestive system.

I gotta go, need to finish getting ready.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm back

Sorry I've been away from blogging. I haven't read blogs and I haven't updated any blogs. I've been on facebook and occasionally on webmd but I've started cafemom and it's just sucked me right in. That and Ellie is just so much fun now. She's keeping me busy, that's for sure. Simon has graduated from trucking school. He's been on cloud 9 lately. He did very well on his CDL test. The past few days he's been at orientation for a company. He should start with a trainer on Monday or Tuesday. He'll be out for at least 3wks training then out for another 2-3wks before coming home. Agh, I'm going to miss him so much. But he's excited and I know Ellie and I will be just fine.
Ellie is doing so wonderful these days. My mom always comments on how Ellie is so advance and stuff. Then I start reading what other babies are doing and I know my mom just doesn't remember. I think Ellie is right on track with most things, a little ahead with some, and a little behind with others...totally normal. If I sit her down sitting she sits for a short amount of time. She isn't fond of sitting herself up from laying down, but if she's slightly elevated she'll do it. She's been getting around in an army crawl since 5 months, she's 6 1/2 now. I wanted to do baby led weaning, but she's hungry and she doesn't have the pincher grasp yet. I've only given her fruits and veggies though. I'm not rushing the meats I'll do tofu first. She's babbling like crazy. She gets on her hands and knees and rocks and pulls her knees up so it's just her hands and feet on the floor, looks like she's trying to stand. She is exploring beyond the obvious. We used to put her on the living room floor and she would just go around the living room, but now she is starting to creep closer to other rooms and has expanded her territory. Time for cabinet locks. She also likes the on/off button on the computer and cords. Yikes!! She love computers, pianos, and the joy stick on my mom's power wheelchair. I love this baby so much, she is my life.
Ellie's was sick with a cold recently. After a longer than a week, I took her to the doctor. She had a sinus infection. She's finished w/ the antibiotic. She still wakes up with a runny nose and has a runny nose off and on during the day. She has swollen red eyes, and is coughing but it's not very productive at all. I suspect w/ the fall here now, and things dying she may have allergies. She sees the CF dr. on Tuesday so I'll talk to them about it.
Hopefully I wont stay away this long anymore. I have more pics, but they aren't on my computer yet. We just went last weekend for our anual fall photo shoot. When I get them on the computer, I'll post some of the best.