Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First of all, I have to say that I am happy that my cousin's wife had her baby. Now they make a family of 3. Hopefully soon DH and I will be a family of 3.
I had my lap. surgery on Friday. Sure enough I had endometriosis. I'm not sure the details. The dr. talked to DH, and I just don't details. I'll find out on Monday for my post-op. I know I woke up with 3 holes, not just 2. I think they said he took some cyst off an ovary. Since the hole is on the left side, I assume it was from the left ovary. I know I haven't been Oing from the left ovary at least this year. So, maybe now I'll be able to O a little better.
I get very sick from the gas anesethia, so I triple checked with the place I was getting my surgery at. I was assured each time, they don't use that method much anymore, but they could still give me something in my IV to help, just in case I got sick from the other stuff. The anesethiologist starts explaining what he was going to do. Low and behold, he was going to use gas. I finally talked him out of it, I wasn't going to let him put me under using the gas. No way!! I told him of my experience with it, and I was not willing to go through it again, especially when there is a clear alternative. Eventually he saw it my way. He gave me valium in my IV, and I started laughing. He said it would burn, but even if it did, I didn't seem to care. I don't remember leaving my husband and going back to the operating room. But, I do remember upon arriving in the operating room, I asked if they were going to use everything I saw on me. They assured me they were not going to use it all. I asked, what I think was the doctor, what they were going to talk about during the surgery. (I'll probably ask at my post-op, to make sure). But, I'm pretty sure I asked, and made them answer me, the answer was Politics and Baseball. I was content knowing that wasn't going to miss much. I remember they had me help them get me on the operating table. I remember very well, they had me put my arms closer to my body, and they kept telling me to do that. That was it.
The next thing I knew I was fighting, sitting up in bed, laying down, and going back and forth, and shaking, and yelling, "I'm going home." I noticed there were 3, maybe 4 nurses gathered around me, as well as DH, they were all trying to calm me down. Once I realized what was going on, I laid back, but continued to shake. The nurse told DH, that I was fighting because I fought going to sleep, and to me, the 1.5hours, was more like a second, so I just kept fighting from before I was put to sleep. DH told me, that I pointed to him and said, "that's my husband, he loves me." I remember repeating myself to the nurses and having them come closer because I couldn't see them, they were all blury. I told the nurse, that I wanted DH to give me my apple juice. Turned out my nurse in recovery was 32wks pregnant. I know I was drugged, but I couldn't see, and kept having her come closer so I could see her belly, but it just wasn't there.
So that makes 3 surgeries that I've ever had, 4 if you count one I was simply in twilight sleep. Thus far I haven't reacted the same any 2 times to the anesethia. I think I did best after my spleen ruptured and I was too sick to care what was going on. But, post-op was terrible. I hate surgeries because they give you medications that make you lose control. That very person you keep bottled up inside, just might exscape during the pre-op or recovery phase. For somebody who likes to stay in control of her words and actions, it just isn't fun. I'm naturally a pretty shy person, so when I opposite, it's like I wasn't even myself.
Now I am 4 days past my lap. I am still in pain, but not as bad as yesterday. The problem I'm having right now, is it seems as though I have a bladder infections. So, not fun. I'm still cramping and experiencing pain, especially when I sit. But, I am so tired, I can't help but to sit. Tired, not sleepy. Hopefully this recovery will be over soon, and this TAB cycle will be over soon, so I can start TTC next cycle again.