Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New computer

Finally we got a new computer!! Our desktop went out on us quite some time ago. My MIL got a netbook so she let us use her crappy laptop. That one went out. So we were using her netbook because her son in law always has her internet stick so she had little problem loaning out the computer. But at times she would comment and we knew we needed to get her computer back to her, I means it's the right thing. But the thought of living without my computer was just unbearable. Ok so maybe I would have survived. But we are also trying to get Simon a job working in the offices and to do that we need internet access. So we finally made the purchase. We got a Toshiba. It's pretty nice, but we didn't get a high priced one. We really don't need a high price one. I like to put pics on the computer, go to a few sites, and apply for jobs. Since my birthday is in a month, it's pretty much my Birthday present. I'm satisfied, but I know when my birthday rolls around I'll want something even if it's small. I'll probably buy a couple maternity shirts or something for myself.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank you

Thanks for all the congrats!!!

Ellie and me are worn out this week. We have had camp meeting at our church all week. All week we have, well I have but Ellie is my little shadow, working in the nursery. We have to be there at 6pm and work until 9:30pm. On adverage we have about 11 1yr old and 3-4 workers. It takes a toll on you physically and emotionally, especially when you have 3 hysterically crying for their mom's, 1 doing something dangerous, and 1 taking a toy or something from another kid. Last night was our last night working. Tonight I'm thinking of going to the service and taking Ellie to be in the nursery. She'll probably cry for her 2nd time ever going to nursery because I wont be w/ her. It's a really big named preacher that will be there tonight so I really want to be there. But I'm not sure if Ellie can "handle" it. She was getting sleepy, cranky, and clingy last night at 7ish.

I am trying to get a part time job. We don't need a lot of extra money. But if Simon has 2 lower weeks we really feel it. My MIL helps out, but she can't continue. She's trying to set herself up to retired next summer so she's having to put herself on a strict budget. I haven't thought much about Ellie while I'm at work. I guess I need to look into daycares. I hate putting her in daycare, but I really feel she's ready for it. After seeing her in nursery all week I think she'll be fine. Who knows it may even help her talk. She only has a few words she says, doggie, mama, dada, and thank you (kinda). Anytime she needs or wants something I just know what she's trying to get across. She has little need for talking with me around. Simon isn't thrilled with my decision, but I told him I would just see what is available, apply, and see what happens. It's possible I don't get anything if I don't I'll continue what I'm doing with staying home. We'll see where it leads.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

*Surprise, Surprise*

Monday, May 24th something told me to take a HPT. I wasn't yet late, but I didn't feel AF was coming. We were also about to go to Mrytle Beach and knowing if I was pregnant or if AF was going to be ruinning parts of my vacation seemed to be vital info. Much to my surprise I got a faint BFP. We weren't even trying. Since the miscarriage we were actually preventing, by using condoms anytime I was close to ovulation or had ovulation signs such as my faithful EWCM. The only time we didn't use condoms was after I clearly ovulated and before I was due to ovulated. This time it was CD11, on mother's day. I have never o'd before CD18 so I knew sperm couldn't live for 7 days. I also didn't have any EWCM so it was an hostile environment for sperm, or so I thought. This was actually the first time not using condoms. I guess my body decided to ovulate on CD14, the first time ever in the last 10yrs I have done that. I will be 8wks on Thursday. I have seen the baby 2 times, once at 5w5d we saw the heartbeat. The 2nd time was after a spotting scare and we saw and heard the precious heartbeat at 135bpm. We haven't told many people and we are holding out as long as possible. My mom doesn't know how she will love another child as much as she loves Ellie, as Ellie really is so perfect. But my mom doesn't know yet either. I don't want to hear her negative comments. So please don't say anything on facebook.
The pregnancy is going pretty good. I have moments of nausea, but nothing a preggie pop can't help. It's a lot different than the pregnancy with Ellie. With her I was so sick I could hardly function. I think part of the ease is coming from staying at home. I have very few commitments were I have to be somewhere at a certian time. My EDD is 2/3/2011. Though this is a complete surprise, we are very happy and looking forward to Ellie being a big sister.