Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time is flying

In a couple days I'll be 30wks pregnant. Where in the world has this pregnancy gone? Ellie will be 20months on the 4th, so close to turning 2yrs old. I feel like I should be pregnant with her, not her turning 2 soon. She's growing up too. She has so many words and is clearly learning a lot. She was sitting on my bed watching Max and Ruby this morning when I took my shower. I could hear her talking to the TV and saying football which sounds like botball. I didn't think much of it until I got out of the shower and noticed that Max and Ruby were throwing a football around. When she hears a dog bark she knows it's a "dogga." She has many other words that honestly I have lost count and track of. Oh, maybe the hardest word of all she is saying is Christmas. When she sees Christmas lights she'll say Cicmas. We got her a big girl bed. It's actually just a longer twin mattress and box spring. It works for now, but soon I want her to have an actual bed. She sleeps well in it when I let her. She has fallen out a couple times, I really need to dig the railing out of storage, but I'm hoping I can get Simon to do that. But it seems it's a lot easier for me to just put her in bed with me. I kinda like the company in the bed, even if it means a foot in my side or I get way less than half the bed. She insist on sleeping sideways in the bed or she'll turn upside down. The pregnancy is going GREAT. Exact opposite of what was going on when I was pregnant with Ellie. I'm still able to wear my rings with very minimum swelling. I do have heartburn, but who cares about a little heartburn. All in all I'm doing great and cherishing every little movement. I'm not too thrilled with the constant peeing with a toddler in tote. Oh and the worse of it all is my underwear are falling to my knees, don't ask me how the croch stays up but the rest fall down. Time for new undies. But it's all good though. Oh something else about Ellie, she pees and poops in the toilet. SCORE!!! She still wont tell me so I have to put her on quite often, which I'm not consistent with. But when I do, she generally goes. My mom told me to put her on after meals and before and after nap, and when she wakes up and before going to bed. That seems reasonable, hopefully soon she'll start communicating her need. Some days she will hold her poop in until I sit her on the toilet then immediately she goes. I am so blessed to have such an awesome daughter. I hope this boy is just as great as his sister.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

We sure have changed

As I was thinking about our parenting style and beliefs EVERYTHING has changed. Well nearly everything has changed. Ellie and Elijah will not even be 2yrs apart, yet things will be different between them. First of all if Ellie was a boy she would have likely been circumsized. Now, Elijah will likely NOT be circumsized. There's no reason to do it. Simon shared with me his disapproval of vaccines. I have been pro vaccines, but not against delayed vaccines. The only thing is I'm not sure if Tennessee even allows that, so we'll see. We disposable diapered Ellie, up until now, but he will be cloth diapered from the beginning. I do less and less canned and jarred and frozen foods and more fresh foods. I don't buy things for convience anymore. I don't mind taking a little longer to prepare food so I don't have to get stuff with additives and preservatives in it. I am learning more vegitarian dishes, as I'm really not much of a carnivore and Ellie more often than not doesn't like meat. It amazes me just how much changes once you become a parent. Oh and yes Ellie has slept in my bed with me when she needs it. We were very against co sleeping, but honestly I'm more for doing what the child NEEDS. Ellie needed to sleep in her own room rather early on, but she's had her nights, which I have no problem with.

I'm not sure if I have revealed the name to you all. Maybe I have. Anyway in case I haven't, it's Elijah Scott. Scott is Simon's middle middle name. I want to have one back up name, a totally different style of name just in case. Right now he's Elijah, but he'll probably end up being Eli. So we will have Eli and Ellie.

I have something else to say but it's pretty much a post of it's own. Soon, very soon, promise.