Friday, February 19, 2010


School: I made another 100 on my quiz on Monday. That makes it 3 100's and one 90. We have quite a few left to go so hopefully I can get 2 more 100's so I will have a perfect 100 score for the quiz part. I had our first big exam on Wed. Hopefully I get it back today. I'm pretty sure I missed a few. I'll be happy with a B, but I'm guessing there's a chance I got an A.

Me: I am so sick. My MIL gave me the cold/virus thing she had. I had a sore throat for 4 days. Then it progressed to all out runny nose and coughing. I have a double ear infection. I used some ear candles for the first time, SCARY, but they worked. For several hours it was as if I didn't have an ear infection, then the pain and stopped up feeling slowly started to return. But it NEVER got as bad as it was before. Hopefully I can do ear candles again tomorrow and it will help some more because I really don't want to take antibiotic.

Ellie: She's doing GREAT!! I'm so hoping she doesn't get what I have. It's one thing to be sick, but it's another thing to have your baby sick. But much worse when you're sick AND you baby is sick. She's so happy right now because Daddy is home. She didn't go to sleep last night until close to midnight. I have given up on trying to keep her on a good baby schedule, you know, getting to bed at 8pm. She does great unless she spends the night with my mom, MIL, or daddy is home. She is wide a wake and just wants to play with them, until she can't stay awake anymore. She is so close to walking. She will stand unassisted for a while, and take a little step with one foot then she falls. She loves Johny Cash. Simon and her watched Walk The Line last night and Ellie sat on her knees in the middle of the floor lifting herself up to be standing on her knees, and was dancing and clapping her hands. So darn cute...I should have ran to the video camera, why didn't I think of that. Darn. But she stopped when she noticed I was watching her. Lil stinker. Figured out when anybody kisses somebody she laughs. When Simon and I kiss she laughs. When her cousin kisses her baby sister she laughs. I don't know what is so funny about kissing but she thinks it's funny. She's cutting 2 teeth on top now, this will give her 4 teeth.

Simon: Such a short visit home this time. He was supposed to be home Tuesday evening, but for certain reasons he didn't make it home till Thursday. The time I need him home, he is only home for a couple days. He was home yesterday and today and has to leave out tomorrow. :-(

Little Bit: Blood work results in. Friday's progesterone was 7.77; Monday's progesterone was 9.4. I've been taking my prometrium now so I'm sure that has gone up again. Friday HCG 34.12. Monday's HCG 255.4. That's doubling every 1.03 days. I have my first actual prenatal appointment today. Symptom wise everything is going great, it'll be better if I can get rid of this cold. I am getting slightly queasy at times, but nothing a little bit to eat or some ginger ale, or getting away from the odor wont fix. So I'm all good there, for now.