Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nearly unbarable pain

I am 98% sure I have heel spurs on one of my feet. I had this kind of pain in middle school, I couldn't walk on either heel when I woke up in the mornings. Fortunately I had a couple in the household that required a shower chair, so I could get my morning shower in without having to stand. Eventually it went away on it's on.

But now, I have the pain but it's magnified by a lot. It hurts not only in the morning, but anytime I stand up from sitting. It hurts when I walk or when I stand. Why it's even starting to hurt while I just sit. It hurts like crazy. I couldn't tell if it was swollen, I honestly didn't think it was, but Simon's Nana said it was before I even inquired about it. I did a little research about it today and every single symptom I have. So, tomorrow I'm calling the podiatrist to try and get in.

For treatment, I read pain meds (breastfeeding, I can't and wont take much), cortisone injections (if it doesn't interfere w/ breastfeeding, I guess I'll hesitantly accept), Physical therapy primarily for ultra sound on the location (love the thought), and surgery. My grandma needs to have surgery on hers soon, but it's absolutely last resort and there is a period (not sure how long) of no weight barring. So, surgery will be definate last resort me. I will try everything else before having surgery, especially since Simon is still no weight baring, that would be absolutely terrible if we were both like that. But the pain is getting bad enough that I have to go to the doctor, soon. I can only tolerate this for so long, I need to go ahead and get started with some kind of treatment.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ellie's appointment update

Her appointment was pretty good, for being the first. I have to get a stool sample and take it to the children's hospital. It's about 45min-1hr away so, yes she's pooped. I have yet to get a sample to them because it's been raining, storming, or I haven't been showered and dressed when the poops come. Soon though, we'll be getting it to them. Her next appointment is right after the sweat test on July 14th.

The doctor said any gassy issues and pain she has while she eats is most likely the CF. Since we don't have the test results from the stool sample and the sweat test yet, it was really hard for him to say much. They did say I need to increase the breastfeeding and decrease the formula. She is gaining weight and growing great. She is almost 10lbs and on the chart, so that was awesome. We are having to switch her formula, which I was hoping he would want done.

So far the more breastfeeding and less formula thing is going ok, just ok. Yesterday I EBF in the morning and in the afternoon. By about 1 or 2pm, she was overly fussy. I continued to put her up to the breast, but she was so fussy and crying hysterical. I finally gave her a few oz's of breastmilk I had in the fridge. Once again she was happy and content. I decided that when she bottle feeds I'll make sure I pump to help increase the supply. I have you know I pumped both sides for a while and didn't even fill the little bottle up to a cm. It was ridiculous. I think she litterally sucked me dry. I pumped about 2 more times since, and all together I have just over an oz. I guess she litterally sucked me dry. But, I've got to either offer her the breast or pump at every feeding so my breast know to produce more milk.

The problem with all this, is when I baby is born, the first few weeks is generally for mother to heal/recover, to get a routine going, and for mother to nurse (if she's going that route). The first few weeks of Ellie's life were for none of that. It was taking care of daddy, stressing about daddy, and all the hell he putting us threw. I would stay up late with her, to have his nana come in around 8am, to lift all blinds and stressing that we needed to get our nights and days straight. I had people going through my house putting stuff in the STRANGEST places. I'm still finding stuff in weird places. All so aggravating. Having a mother in law and simon's nana taking my husband to the bathroom, and NEVER getting even 5minutes alone with my husband. Yeah...Ellie and nursing dropped through the cracks. So now, 7-8wks later I NEED my time, Ellie NEEDS her time. We need our time now, since we didn't get it earlier in her life. Simon is doing more around the house now, so it's hopefully going to be easier for me to do this nursing thing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CF appointment today

Ellie's first CF appointment is today. I'm a bit nervous.

The rattling in her chest, and loud breathing, only happens at home. When I was pregnant, after we moved into the house, I had problems. I would wake up with a killer sore throat and runny nose. It's better now. I'm wondering if she's just having some problems with the house being new. Maybe chemicals in the carpet or something. Whatever gives the new house that smell and stuff. Obviously I had some problems adjusting, so maybe she's having some problems.

I'll post about her appointment soon.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby congestion??

We've noticed that when Ellie breaths it's a little rattle sound and feel in her back/lungs. She breaths a little heavy now too. Could this be CF related or am I paranoid. She's not coughing and no runny nose. Is there something I can give her? Does she need to stay home, or can we continue with plans. She doesn't seem to be sick.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baby ? and CF ?

If you remembered, around how much did your baby weigh at 6wks?

I ask because Ellie was 9lbs at 6wks. So many people say she's very small and stuff. Is that really small when she started out at 7lbs 3oz. The pedi didn't seem to be concern. I'm just hoping it isn't some kind of CF thing that's causing any problems. If it is, we'll hopefully find out on Tuesday at the appointment.

CF Question:
What was going with the digestive system when your child or you were around 6-8wks. Just wondering so I can kind of compare notes.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jon and Kate +8

I absolutely love the show. Can't say I'm shocked about the recent news of the marital problems with cheating. I mean it happens to couples all the time. I'm not saying it's ok, or normal. I'm just saying, I don't put anybody on a pedestal with things. However, it could totally be a publicity thing to get even higher ratings in this last season. I mean you never know. I just really hope they do have this last season. I just adore those 8 kids.

Update on us. Ellie is doing wonderful. She's growing, her tummy issues are getting better. She's precious as ever, smart, and strong. Simon is doing good. His birthday is tomorrow. He's not wearing his brace now, the dr. said it's ok. His leg is not in any pain, only when he bends it...but that's because it's kind of locked up some on him. For the most part, we are waiting till the end of the 3 months so he can start putting weight on it. We are wondering if it would really mess things up if he were to start baring a little weight on it now. But, of course he isn't going to do it without an ok from the doctor. 3 months is a long time. I'm battling some post partum depression. I guess that's what it is. I mean, look at my life right could just be regular depression. I'm tired of being the only one in the house who can do dishes, laundry, mixing formula, getting dirty clothes off the floor and putting them where they go, carrying Ellie around, and taking trash out. The list really does go on. The point is, I'm getting tired of doing what seems to be everything. All the while, he sits on the couch, recliner, or bed, watches TV, and talks on the phone. He goes to church on Sunday, drives an hr to see his dad, goes to physical therapy 3 days a week, and anytime he gets depressed, or "stir crazy" as he says he just goes out driving. I'm stressed about our future. During this time, he should be figuring out if he is going to follow through with trucking...if so he needs to be studying the 115 point inspection. If he's not, then he needs to find a job that will make him happy and pay what he needs, or 2 jobs. Either way, he can be doing those things now. I am very stressed about our future right now. I hope everything works out. Surely it will work out. Right???

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The pedi appointment

We went to her regular pedi yesterday afternoon. He said, like some of you have said that it very well could be the CF. I am getting WIC right now so I have the formula they want me to use, but I also breastfeed too. A pediatrician must be able to show WIC that they have tried other things before writing a script to change the formula to something else, which is fine by me. He wants us to feed her 2oz ever 2hrs. He said at night wake her up every 3-4hrs, so I've been feeding her 3oz for those longer stretches. He said if she isn't satisfied to add a little rice cereal. I guess I have got to exclussively pump. Ugg, I hate pumping, it's so much easier to just plop her on me breast, plus it's so sweet and she's just so adorable feeding. I'm not sure if I'm ready to completely sacrifice that just yet. Now, he told me that if the CF doctor wanted to change the formula, he could do it no questions asked, since of course he's a specialist. So, we are doing for a week. If still problems, then we will swith for week, then if things are better we will switch. He is also setting us up with the genetic counselor. I asked why, since we had already met with one, he said so we will know the exact mutations and stuff. I explained that we already knew that. The previous genetic counselor talked to us, as well the CF doctor talked to us. There's not much else they can say, not in my opinion. But he's wanting us to meet with one. I just hope he isn't going to send us back to the same one, she'll think we're crazy. Oh, well maybe he has a reason that I don't understand right now. All in all it was a good appointment. Since the doctor's are all in a practice, I've liked all of them, but one. This one is the best though, in my opinion. He seems to understand CF, a little more than the others.

The rash was a viral infection that will go away on it's own in a week or so. No need to worry about it.

She weighs 8lbs15oz, she'll be 6wks on Saturday. So maybe she's small, but she's growing.

Update on feedings: She is still very skirmish even during 2oz feedings and she moans and breaks my heart. I took the asymptomatic and ran with it...maybe I jumped the gun and was too optimistic. After she eats she has to sit up for a while. No acid reflux or anything, just laying down back or stomach puts her groaning real bad then a pain cry.

Breathing question: Her lungs are fine, but is it normal for babies or CF babies to breath hard a lot?

This is hard b/c despite babysitting I really don't know what is normal for typical babies, muchless CF babies. I just assume it's all normal which is where we run into problems.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is this CF problems, or something else

Ellie has been fussy a lot in the evenings. A couple weeks the doctor was quick to say colic, and I was quick to accept that diagnosis. However, now I'm questioning it. She SUPER gassy. She doesn't burp much, even while we are trying to burp her for 30 or more minutes. She passes a lot of gas. She spit up a little yesterday for the FIRST time ever. When she eats she is VERY fussy. She's squirmy, fussy (not all out crying), and tried to eat, but then pushes away, then wants to eat. Its obviously to us that she's in pain and all she knows to do is eat, but the more she eats the more pain she's in. It's so hard to watch her be in so much pain. This gas thing is terrible though. So bad that we all swear that she's had poopy, but there's nothing there. It sounds and smells like that's what it is. When she does poop it's huge, my mom thinks it's more than normal, but she just had me. I think babies probable have HUGE poops. But it's obvious that she's in pain when she eats and after she eats. She has a pedi appointment this afternoon, and we meet with the CF doctor on the 26th.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Picture galoure...Happy Mother's Day.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL WOMEN OUT THERE, though there's only like 30minutes left today.
Here are a bunch of pictures of the glimpse of heaven that has given me the title "mommy." She's the most precious baby ever. Couldn't be more perfect. She's beautiful and just simply a wonderful baby. Enjoy the pictures, there are quite a few.

This was still in the hospital.

Not even a month old, and already in college. Can't crawl yet, but she's a cheerleader...the talent.

She's held her paci in her mouth, so many times, and this was
when she was less than a month old.

I thought this one was cute.

I love the faces she makes. She's so darling.


When tummy time started to get fun. Look at her pushing her butt in the air. Now she's pushing her top part up some, but really at the same time, and about to tip herself over as her knees and butt come all the way up. She also propelled slightly today on a bed, gravity helped her some. I told my mom it has to happen 3 times before it's considered real and not "accident." So, we'll see.
Happy 1 Month my little angel.

Car seat fun...not really she hates it if she's not moving.

See she's realized she isn't going anywhere.

Up with the head, and up with the butt...ow the progress she's making. This tummy time was the first time she started to tip herself over with her knees. So cute!! The red on the back of her scalp is her birthmark.

Happy Mother's Day. Mommy.

Friday, May 8, 2009

8 things...

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. When Simon can walk again
2. When Simon can go to work and I can stay home with my Sweet Pea
3. Trip to NC so Ellie can meet her great grandad and go to the beach
4. Finding a church we feel at home at in our new town.
5. The birth of my sister in law's daughter in September
6. A good nights sleep
7. Disney World at some plans made yet.
8. Trip to Cali to visit family, again, no plans made yet.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Took Simon to Physical therapy
2. Went to Walmart for groceries
3. Cooked soup and cornbread
4. Laundry
5. showered
6. Loaded/unloaded dishwasher
7. Nursed and bottle fed Ellie
8. Changed diapers

8 Programs I Watch On TV:
1. A baby story
2. John and Kate plus 8
3. Bringing Home Baby
4. Home Improvement
5. Local News
6. King of Queens
7. Seinfield
8. The Doctors

Friday, May 1, 2009

Isn't she precious!

I tried to post more pics but the computer is acting up...maybe some other time this weekend.