Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For my records about pregnancy

I have enjoyed reading my previous post here around the same time my in my pregnancy with Ellie. So this is mainly for my purposes, but feel free to read. It's going to be short and sweat pregnancy related.
I'm 5w4d. SLIGHTY sore girls. No m/s, no cramping anymore, no excessive hunger, no backache, no gas, no constipation. A tad bit emotional and short fused and easily stressed. I'm not anymore or less exhausted than I was before...ok, maybe a little, but not like I would think I would be. All in all I'm feeling great. Waiting impatiently for some symptoms to pick up some, but hoping I don't have real bad m/s like I did with Ellie.
I'm pretty afraid that I will go in for my u/s at 8wks and there will not be a heartbeat. I think it's a normal fear. I guess the lack of symptoms have me worried.
I still have my clogged/stopped up ears. I'm hanging in there pretty strong for as long as I can until I can't hold out anymore for antibiotic.

At this point I want to feel pregnant, but I simply don't.