Friday, March 20, 2009

Short update

We tried to get internet Friday, but the stupid cable people were, well stupid and couldn't find our house. STUPID.

Ellie is breeched again. Still no dilation as of Tuesday. This Tuesday the doctor will check again, I'll be a day away from 37wks. He's mentioned inducing at 38wks, but I'm guessing, it'll be 39 still, which will be right before Easter. That's fine. Whatever. I'll be holding my precious darling in my arms in 3wks either way.

I've hit the pretty miserable stage. Ok, I'm not miserable 24/7, but there's time in each day, that it's somewhat miserable, some days worse than others. But, there is in an end in sight.

I need flip vibes, followed by stay put vibes. I don't want her to stay breech. And I would like to see 1cm on Tuesday. Oh, and she's 6lbs 3oz. Great size.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Please let us get our internet hooked up soon. I'm getting tired of not having it at home. We only have cell phones, we don't do the whole lan line thing. So, we're not sure how to get a phone book. Our yellow pages have always been Here we are in a new area and no way to get business numbers and stuff. Anyway, soon, very soon. And I'll be able to post more updates.

I'm at my mom's right now. I have some family in from out of town for my shower. I love my family, by the way. There are 7 women upstairs discussing and prepping for things tomorrow. Gosh, it really makes me nervous. They have a lot up their sleeves, and I don't want to be the center of the attention. But, I do feel very blessed to have so many people care so much to do this. Especially since attending baby showers haven't been a norm for me.

I had my high risk appointment today. She is head down now. :-) Can't tell you how happy I am. I asked the doctor when I could have her. Yeah, like they can really tell. Anyway, he said she could come any day. Give it he didn't do an internal, so really he doesn't know how things are progressing. However, he said she's real low, which is what gets the dilation started. I'm not MISERABLE yet, like I hear people get. I mean, sure I have bad days here and there, but I'm not so miserable I just want her out. But, I am starting to get pretty anxious. Don't worry, I'm not so anxious I'm willing her out before I'm 37wks. Really as far as prepping goes, 37wks is too soon. Oh, and amniotic fluid was at an awesome 14.

I'm not all out sick anymore, but I'm still a bit congested. I'm coughing, still have that nasty taste in my mouth, and still not feeling 100% better. I guess because of being sick, I have lost 5lbs in a week. It still puts me at gaining a good amount though. 23lbs for the pregnancy, is pretty good.

Hopefully next week, I'll be able to have internet at home and will update then.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm Alive, kinda

This will be kinda long as I have several things to update and say, I'll try to keep it as short a possible though.

Moving: We moved last Monday into our house. We love it!! We are still trying to get things unpacked and organized. Read on for why we still aren't completely unpacked and organized.

Tuesday: The hubby started getting a sore throat, but with his allergies we didn't think much of it.

Wednesday: My throat started hurting, but again we didn't think much of it.

Thursday and Friday: We were convinced that we were a bit sick...but thought it was just a simple cold or something.

Saturday and Sunday: We weren't completely alive. We were in some bad shape. I had a fever both days. I took tylenol, it went down for 4-6hours, then started climbing back up. The doctor called me in some antibiotic.

Today: Simon finally went to the doctor, he must feel bad to go. He's on antibiotics and stuff now. I slept terrible. I had horrible pains in my chest when I breathed, something vital for living. I started having some painful contractions, a bit too regular for my likings. I threw up, and some blood from my throat came up. My mother in law gave me her oxygen, and I at last I could breath without pain. With painless breathing, came some much needed rest/sleep. As I got more rest, the contractions started disappearing. My temp has been pretty good today, until tonight and it started to go up a bit. But, it was really hot in the house.

The baby shower: It was great. Got a lot of awesome things. Hopefully I'll have picture of some of my favorite things. My blood pressure sky rocketed when I was opening gifts. I HATE being the center of attention, especially with showers. It was very hard on me. I got VERY hot, my face was red, and I could tell my blood pressure was up way too high. That shower was with my inlaws, and some of my mother in laws friends. I have 1 more shower to go, this Saturday with my extended family and some of my mom's friends, and some of my friends. I'm hoping since it'll be people I know better I'll feel more comfortable. I was going to have 3 showers, our Sunday School class always has one. But, they have had so many preggos lately, I think people are done with showers. Besides we haven't been in a month or so now. I concluded, even if they wanted to throw us one, I would turn it down. Honestly, I just can't handle showers, parties, social things, not with my blood pressure, that is.

Some favorite items we got: An adorable hooded towel, that can be used better when she's a toddler. It was specifically made for her. It's has Ellie Bug on it, and little lady bugs, it was from a cousin. My mother in law got us the travel system, and I've put it together. I love it!! My sister in law and her family gave us a nice gliding rocker that I'm excited about having it set up. Nana gave us a blanket she made, Precious Moments. She makes every grandchild and great grandchild a blanket. What a wonderful tradition. My mom, who didn't know how to crochet, crocheted a beautiful blanket that matches the coming home from the hospital outfit she bought. The outfit is lavenders and blues, and winne the pooh. It's adorable. We got many hooded towels, enough that I deleted all of the ones I had on the registries. We got outfites, but no plain white onsies. I thought those were pretty standard. There were several things I thought were common to get at showers that we didn't get. But, hey, all is good.

My NST last Tuesday was good. I have a NST every Tuesday and ultra sound every Friday. Oh, ultra sounds are showing a little breached baby. Send me flipping vibes. I'll probably be around internet this weekend, then next week we should have our internet hooked up.