Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hi all

Nothing much is going around here. I'm growing bigger and BIGGER. Simon questioned if I'm having twins, but I'm not. I've always thought I would have twin boys, but I guess that will never happen. We are 95% sure this baby is our last. Ellie is doing great and having so much fun in life. I took her to the zoo a couple weekends ago, then last weekend to a pumpkin patch. This weekend we went on 2hr trip to see some of my family. Next weekend we're going to the Apple Orchard. Then after that I'm kinda out of ideas, but I'm sure I'll fnd more things. Pregnancy is going GREAT. It's unbelievable how "easy" a pregnancy can be, knock on wood. I mean with Ellie I was way beyond the normal sickness with morning sickness all day and night for months. Then my stinkin blood pressure and HORRIBLE swelling. So far so good, now that I am on medicine for the thyroid I have energy to do some things which feels amazing. I guess this was a little bit of nothingness, as there isn't anything to really blog about.