Sunday, February 8, 2009

Preg. update and other

My high risk appointment went very well last week. Ellie is looking great. She weighed 3lbs3oz, which was right on for 30wks, and I was 29wks 6 days. So, basically I was 30wks. Everything was wonderful. The next day I had my OBGYN appointment and all was well there. My blood pressure was great, and still no protein in my urine. Can I really luck out and not get pre-ecclampsia even though I've had high blood pressure for 5yrs? We'll see, we now have less than 9wks before this pregnancy is over. I can't believe it.
When I entered the 3rd trimester I wondered when I would start feeling aches and pains and not being comfortable. Well, all in all, I'm still feeling great with no rights for complaining really, but the discomforts have started some.
One thing my feet are KILLING me. I can't walk in a store without feeling like my feet are going to fall off...well maybe I hope they will fall off. On a side note, I've had really bad feet for as long as I can remember. I remember being 6yrs old and I couldn't stand/walk for a day of shopping and at age 13, I couldn't handle without extreme pain a day of walking at an amusement park. But, I guess the extra weight is making it even more painful for me. I want to walk so bad...I try to walk despite the pain, but it HURTS. Knock on wood, I'm not having back pain. Heartburn has me scaling the walls at night from time to time. I'm now sleeping in the recliner which helps it some. Another reason for the switch, is it's so hard for me to remain laying on my side. I always roll over to my back, or I get uncomfortable on one side and need to roll to other. I guess being overweight and pregnant, rolling over is hard, really hard. Sometimes I think Ellie is going to kick through my skin to get out, but she's refusing to let her Gammy see or feel her move. She was really shy about letting Simon feel her, but now she's used to him. Now, he'll come into a room and talk, and she'll get active. She's already a little stinker. LOL. We have a Toyota Tundra, that I mainly drive, but I knew that the day would come that it would be too hard for me to climb up in it. That day hasn't come yet...but I can see it in the near future. It's getting harder to get up in it. We have to hurry and get the car fixed so I can switch and ride it. However, a car is going to be hard in it's own way too. Darn being overweight and pregnant. Memo to self..."before next pregnancy loose weight." Overall though, I may be a little uncomfortable here and there, and at times I may be have something called pain...but in general, nothing to make me wish the pregnancy was over. I'm still enjoying being pregnant. While I can't wait for the day I get to hold my little Ellie and see her, I'm gonna miss being pregnant.

We went to a different church tonight, one in the town we will be moving to. Our current church is still in driving distance, like 45mins-1hr away from our new house. We could keep going to it, many do commute for our church. Yeah, it's that awesome. However, we really feel like we need to try to find a church closer and in the area we live. I feel like we are house/home hunting again. We are looking for a church home so it's similar. We like to visit other church for fun, but now we are having to visit with a mission. We are looking for a church that will fit our family. I don't think it's going to be the easiest part of moving. We'll have to wait and see where we are led.

I'm tired and ready to go to bed. I could write about a couple more random things if I could keep my eyes open.


Elana Kahn said...

Sounds great! I'm so glad your sweetie is growing on schedule and everything is looking good. A+ on your blood pressure, too!! I hope it stays normal!

Samantha said...

Sherry when do you find out the closing date on the house? Im glad you are doing well in your pregnancy, I would say the REAL discomfort didnt start til about 35 weeks for me. Sure I was uncomfortable before then but 35 weeks it really started to get old, lol.