Friday, February 27, 2009


This will be my last update, living in an appartment, or so it looks. Today was supposed to be the closing date, but yeah, stuff happened. Two days before closing we find out that we are in a flood zone. That is after we asked multiple people and were told it was not. Great!! Initially my mother in law, immediately said we definetly don't want it. Simon and I were both upset about being lied to, and about OUR house not being our house. I was devestated, Simon was upset, and his mom was stressed to the max. Neither of us were thinking rational at this point. So we irrationally looked at some options.
Option 1: We looked at a house last night that is $30,000-40,000 above our price range. It's friends of my mother in law, an older couple. The husband built the house for their needs, and at the time, they had one of their mothers staying in it. It had nice oak hard wood floors, oak walls, ceramic tile in the kitchen, way too much storage space, as he has a workshop that can also be storage, and an above ground pool. Like OUR house, there are no hallways really it's very open. It's 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. However, no bathroom is for guest so to speak. It's 2 master bed/bath. So if we had people over they would have to go through a bedroom to get to the bathroom. A bedroom is something I consider private, it's the person who dwells in that room's private and personal things, not to be seen by everybody, unless they consent to it. Strange? Maybe, but I don't care. Both bathrooms have large walk in showers, not bathtubs. Now you tell me how you will bath a 1-2yr old child in a shower? Not ideal, IMO. But my mother in law was excited about it. The way we "would" have done it, would have been us getting the loan for our price range which was on the upper side anyway. They owed a certain amount, and that's what we would get the loan for. The other 30,000 they were going to do a side note with my mother in law and she would be paying that part. Ugh, I don't mind some help from her, but that's taking it way over board. A little too much for me, and I didn't feel comfortable with all that. Simon and I talked and we agreed that whatever we did, we wouldn't do that.

Option 2: We could rent an apartment in the town, nicer than the one we're in, and around the family like we want to be. No lease, since the realtor was getting us into it, and we would still be looking for a house in the meantime. It would be 2 stories, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bath. Simon hates the 2 story thing with a passion, I kinda like it some, but for a temporary move, I'm not crazy about it.

Option 3: Suck it up and move in to OUR house, continuing with the process. After all, this is the perfect house in our price range, best set up, good neighborhood, no fix ups needed. The only thing is it's in a flood zone. The seller and our realtor have offered to pay the first year of flood insurance, because ultimately they made a mistake. Meanwhile the neighbors are apparently considered in a flood zone now, and they are fighting to get it rezoned. We figured, that we would regret passing up this perfect house if we decided to go that way. So, we will be going through with our house. We will be closing Monday at 10am. We have been leisurily packing and cleaning as we go. Kitchen and nursery are pretty much completely packed. Our bedroom is half packed. The living room and bathroom and the hall closets are about to be worked on.

I must say I hate this whole process. We are trying to clean and pack, pack and clean. We've got to some how get the water and electric at the new house put in our names, we have to get the water, electric, and cable turned off here at the old place. It's just so much involved. I'll be so glad when we are done and moved in to the new house. Then I can start preparing for Ellie, my fun part.

Speaking of Ellie, I have an update. My amniotic fluid is no longer low. The number they gave me at the OB office was 15, and anything over 10 is good. 5-10 is low, and requires extra monitoring and below 5 is dangerous. I'm thrilled that it's looking so much better now. Ellie is currently in a breech position. I don't remember what it's called. Her head is buried in my right rib, and I thought 2 feet in the ribs were painful. Hehe, a head doesn't feel so great either. She's sitting with her legs crossed. I'm not concerned, nor are the doctor's just yet. My doctor said they still move around a lot until after 34wks. After 34wks, I guess they start discussing other options. Really not a terrible fear of mine. Before I ever got pregnant, I said if I have to cough a baby out, then so be it. I feel the same, however I can get my baby out, is fine with me, as long as she's healthy, and I'm healthy. Of course c-section isn't the most ideal, but in a way, I would rather have it. I've had major abdominal surgery, a scar from just below my breastbone, down to below my belly button, I survived then, I can survive again. But, I'm not too thrilled to have burning, itching, and discomfort down below. It scares me. I know, I'm backwards. Her weight was 5lbs, 2oz. However they told me they always get a higher weight than the high risk place, so my guess is she's between 4.5lbs and 5lbs.

This time I really don't plan of writing anymore post until after the move and stuff. Unbelievable how soon it's going to happen. Oh, and I forgot, I have my first shower on Sunday. Life is getting very busy...maybe a little much for modified bed rest.


Carrie said...

Wow you do have a lot going on in your life right now. I don't blame you at all...I think I would have went with option #3 when it came to the house situation.

Glad to hear you fluid level is normal now!! I know thats a relief to have that off your mind.

Congratulations on your new house!!

Liz said...

I think your decision to go with the 3rd option was a good idea. I know having your house zoned in a flood area sucks for insurance but I don't think it's a deal breaker (well I know it was more that you were lied to).

I'm so glad your fluid level is normal & it sounds like little Ellie is doing wonderfully!

Good luck with the closing and with moving.

Morgan said...

ugh sorry about the bad news!

Let me just say a new mommy 2 story is harder than it sounds! Up and down the stairs all night when you are dead asleep dont go well together..I've almost fell several times!

I hope everything works out in a way you will all be happy!

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