Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interesting 32wk appointment

I loved my appointment. My regular doctor is out of time, so I saw the other one. The one I saw is AWESOME. Very informative, caring, patient, he's awesome. I hope he's on call when I go into labor.
Still no protein in my urine. Yay me! My blood pressure was a wonderful 120/60. Double Yay me! I was a couple pounds heavier than what they like to see. Nay me! But, in my defense, or maybe this is bad, but I did kinda scarf down a double cheese burger from Wendy's, and it wasn't the little 99cent one either, it was the big momma. I had that right before going in. So maybe if I took my phone out of my pocket, didn't eat that much before going in, and maybe cut my hair before, I wouldn't be a couple pounds heavier. Yeah, that's what I'll tell myself. I'm measuring 34wks, not 32wks. He said that's not a problem. And to think the last week, I have felt like I've shrunk, guess it was just an illusion.
I talked to him about that really bad ECP I was having. At which, I have to say, it's totally ok now. Well, there's a little pain, but it's NOTHING like it was the end of last week. That's what I told him, but I asked him, what he would recommend me do when and if it gets that bad again. He said, a warm bath, heating pad, and tylenol. Those to warm baths over the weekend, must have done the trick. I can't really take a bath in the appartment, it's not really a nice comfortable tub. But, come the end of next week, I'll have my house with nice tubs I can use. Yay!!
Yesterday I started having some cramps. The cramps felt much like things felt while I was having my amnio. When the needle was in my uterus, there was a very distinct cramp/feeling that I should never forget. Yesterday I had a few of those same sensations but all over my uterus. Today I've had some, but I've also had some intestinal type cramping only not in my intestines, but all over my uterus. I had several this morning, a few later on, and a few at the doctor's appointment. He said it's definitely contractions. He didn't seem to be worried, so I'm not freaking either, my mom is a different story. He said it's no big deal until they become regular and I have like 6 an hour for a couple hours, then call and go to L&D. Sounds good to me. I'm going to guzzle water to make sure I'm hydrated. But, I feel better now that I know I know what a little contraction feels like. My mom had several days of these before I was born. She said don't let these fool me, that actual labor is a lot worse. Well, I kinda figured that. Please say a prayer that Ellie stays put for a while longer. For one I'm not ready for her. We need to move, have a couple showers, and get her nursery and stuff ready. That right there will take us up to 36-37wks probably. But, more importantly, is at 32wks, no way she's ready to come right now. So, baby stay put and NOOOO labor vibes for me.


Liz said...

Glad everything is going well Sherry! Could they possibly be Braxton Hicks contractions? I hope that's what they are and not "real" contractions!