Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm SICK!!

I hate to complain, but I'm tired of being sick. It all started Friday night in the middle of the night. I started feeling not so well. Simon got home from work Saturday morning, and he too wasn't feeling well. Saturday was torture for both of us. We were both sick, and it was no fun. Sunday we started getting a little better, slowly, but surely. We weren't as bad as we were on Saturday. Now, Monday, still getting better, but neither are 100% better yet. We can't eat much at all- it's very strange for him. If we eat more than a few bites, we feel sick. My fever is pretty much gone, though it's an off and on thing. We're both pretty miserable, and just ready to start feeling 100% bettter. I'm getting short tempered, as is he. He's having to take care of some business today. I have things to do tomorrow, including a high risk appointment. My mom and I have been planning for about a month now to do some baby shopping tomorrow and she is going with me to my appointment. I don't want to blow her off, so hopefully I'll feel well enough tomorrow to hang out with her. I'm just tired of being sick.


Cindy said...

Hope you guys are feeling better, that your appointment goes well, and you are able to get some baby shopping done! Babies R Us was always my favorite store, even to this day when my "baby" is 5!