Friday, February 20, 2009

Moving MIA

We find out today if we will be closing earlier than next Friday. Meanwhile, we are packing and boxing up our life. This is gonna take some time and effort. Not sure when and if I'll be able to sit down and get online. I'm thinking we will probably have cable which includes the internet cut off the beginning of next week. Cable will probably be the first to go and the last to come back after we move. Not to mention, my first shower is March 1st. So, I'll be organizing baby stuff, and organizing and unpacking stuff. Then March 14th I have the other shower. So really from here on out, it's going to busy for me. It'll help time fly. But, like I said, I'm not sure how long I will be MIA. It could be a week or several weeks. I may get a minute free, or be at somebody's house with internet an be able to give a quick update, especially after my consultation with the Pediatric Pulmonoligist next Tuesday. Oh, yeah, and our anniversary on Tuesday. :-) So I'm busy. I'll be back soon.


To A T said...

Whew! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate ;-) At least it's all exciting stuff!! Congrats again on the house :) I hope all your moving and the signing goes smoothly for you!

Elana Kahn said...

I've given you the "Honest Scrap" award! Check it out here: