Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm great, but...

I am feeling fantistic still with this pregnancy. Except for one pretty darn big thing. I was naive to think that I wouldn't have ECP, or not bad anyway. It seemed like a lot of what I read was mostly women in their 2nd, 3rd, or more pregnancies. Now, first I have to say, that I'm not sure what I am talking about ECP (evil crotch pain), is what most others have. But, whatever this is, it's definitely EVIL, beyond evil, it's in the crotch, and it's some of the worse pain I've ever had. Not the worse, but it's about equal to when I sprain my knee last year.
To explain what I'm feeling, so maybe some of you who have been pregnant recently or those who are around where I'm at in your pregnancy can help me. This I'm sure will be TMI, so feel free not to read, but I'm disparate for help and the only way to get it is explain what I'm experiencing.
It's constant pain mostly on the right side of my pubic bone. It feels terribly bruised, and it goes up to where my leg and abdomen meet. When putting on pants and underwear I have to sit down. I can barely lift my right leg, and when I do, it's excruciating pain. Going down stairs is extremely painful. Walking is far from painless. I'm walking with a limp because I can't put much weight on my right leg. Especially getting into a vehicle is very painful. I have to sit, then twist both legs into the vehicle, same when I get out. Like I said, it's constant and it HURTS. My mom doesn't remember this, but she was pregnant 26yrs ago and only once. Time does fade memories. I have an appointment on Wednesday and I plan on discussing this and the severity of it. Oh, yeah, and it's painful to lift even a basket of clothes. I've done some research, and I'm not a doctor so I can't really diagnose myself, but
Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction sounds like what I'm experiencing. Not too much can be done for it, other than common sense things, that the pain forces you to do or not do. Like getting in and out of the car the way I said, or sitting to put on pants and underwear. Umm, duh, you got to when you have this pain. Oh, yeah, also when I sleep in the bed (I mostly sleep in the recliner these days), it is VERY painful to roll over. Is there a stronger word for painful?
I was in Walmart today, and used a scooter, can't believe it. It's not something I'm proud of. So here I am going through Walmart for a few things and for some mental health (getting out and about). The pain was so bad, I was seriously on the verge of crying. Seriously, my eyes were watering. And, I was raised to not cry from never helps. So it has to be really bad pain for me to cry. As a general rule though, crying is pointless so why do it. Maybe that's a little harsh, but that's the way I was raised, and I still live that way. But occassionally pain is so bad, that it does force tears out, and this is on the verge of being that bad. The last 2 times I can think of that I've had pain bad enough for crying was, right after I sprained my knee in a ski incident last year, and my last cycle on clomid when I had a wk long migrane. By Friday, it was so bad, that I was throwing up and before it got better I ended up crying. I had to take my mom's migrane medicine to get relief. This is almost that bad. Thing is, I have 2 more months left. So I get to have this pain, and who's to say it's not going to get worse, for around 2 more months. It's going to take a lot of strength and a lot of prayers to continue to functioning with moving soon and the normal "have to's" in life.
We are going to our bed and breakfast this weekend. Simon is at work and gets off in the morning. He'll sleep for a little while, while I pack and get ready. We'll head up the mountain and we have a few activities to do. Hopefully the pain is down some, and I may actually pop some tylenol. We're spending 2 night there. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not looking forward to not having my recliner to sleep in. But, with prayer and tylenol, I'll survive, right. I have his valentines day gifts, and I thought it was anniversary too, but he said that he's going to give me a little something on our anniversary. Totally defeats the purpose. But, whatever he wants. I got him a shirt that says "Trophy Husband." It's kinda cute, and I really think he's the best husband ever. Or at least the best husband for me. I didn't want to get him flowers or a card even, or chocolates. I mean really what do you get a man? His want list is getting long with electronics, but it seems to be a little pricey right now. So a shirt it is. Pray for me this weekend that I wont have as severe pain down yonder.

Update this morning: So far, though the day has only begun, the pain seems to be quite a bit better. Hope it stays this way.


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

I know what you are going through:( I was just telling my husband that it's weird that the pain didn't go away after she was born. It stayed for about a week or so after giving birth. But then I woke up one morning and noticed I could roll over in bed and put on my pants standing up!
I had this pain for the last couple of months with both pregnancies unfortunately:(
When you go away, try putting a pillow inbetween your knees when you sleep. It seemed to help a little. Don't try to push a door open with your foot if your hands are me;) I wish I had more advice for you. All I can say is keep doing what you're doing by avoid doing the things that make it hurt more.
Hope you have a great weekend and the pain subsides.

Caroline said...

So sorry that you are having these pains :(

I have a snoogle body pillow, which has been my lifesaver with ECP! It has really helped to ease a lot of the pain. I also use a heating pad or hot, damp towels warmed in the microwave.

I made some mistakes that have made the ECP worse... I put the foot of the recliner down with my feet which is painful. I stay on my feet withour rest for way too long during the day.

Frequent breaks are another really good thing to ease the discomfort. Obviously, you'll want to avoid anything that makes it hurt or hurt worse! Tylenol also might help sometimes.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!