Friday, January 30, 2009

For fun

1. Do you and your spouse still celebrate Valentine's Day? We got married 10days later, so we have 10 days to celebrate both, whenever it's most convenient. It doesn't have to to be on V-Day. But, I do like a little something, even if it's just a card on V-Day.

2. When's the last time you licked a stamp? Don't remember, but the last time I needed to lick one was sometime between September-November, because I couldn't stand the thought of licking it with my all day morning sickness.

3. How many clocks are in your home? Currently, one in the living room. Our cell phones are usually with us at all times. When we move into the house, I think we'll have a few more.

4. What holiday is closest to your birthday? 4th of July/Independence Day.

5. Do you cook anything the same way your mother made it when you were growing up? My mom is an excellent cook. I do cook grilled cheese sandwiches and egg sandwiches the way she did.

6. Do you pay bills online? No

7. Will you be gathering to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday? My hubby wants to, but I'm not big on it. But the food sounds good, so we may.

8. Have you treated yourself to something this week? No, I think I need to get onto that.


My Goodness said...

1. I think all women should get SOMETHING!! :) Acknowlege 'love day'!

2. Oh, I can understand that!

8. Yes, DO treat yourself! Your body is working hard right something good for it! :)

Thank you for playing along! Have a great weekend! :)