Sunday, January 25, 2009

Now we wait

First step down. We met with the realtor, my mother in law, husband, and I. Turns out he had to sign everything and his mom is cosigning, since she wont be living in the house, him or had to sign. I had some problems from some massive medical bills several years ago from when I ruptured my spleen and had to file bankruptcy. For that reason, it couldn't be him and I. We all feel so much better that really he's buying it, that his name is on there. It just feels so much better since his mom isn't really buying the house.

So now we sit back and wait...see if our offer is accepted. The date we want to close on is no later than 2/28. The realtor seems to think since it's a brand new, newly built, vacant house, that we should be able to close before then. We'll see. I'm getting excited and making my mental list of what we NEED. At first I'm not going to go all out on decorating the whole house. That will come with time. For now I mostly want what we need.

Blinds for 5 windows, another bathroom trashcan and a trashcan for the office, swiffer sweaper and swiffer wet jet, 2 shower rods, 2 shower curtains, soap dispenser for 1 bathroom. Ok, that's not bad. That's all I can think of we NEED. I want 4 bar stools, whole bathroom decor for both bathrooms, curtians for our room, nursery, and living room. Don't care about the room that's being used for the office, blinds will do. Oh, we do need a mat for the door outside. Oh and a outdoor trashcan and mailbox. I can't wait till I have the go ahead to start on buying these things. I'll have such a fun time taking a day and shopping for house and Ellie. Yippee. This 3rd tri will go by fast, I do believe.


Amanda said...

Good luck! That's awesome that the house will actually be in your husbands name! That's a pretty sweet setup. I hope everything works out for you. :)

Morgan said...

Ugh girl, let me tell ya! Buying a house is a pain in the REAR!! Goodluck lol! But- after it's all done its worth it to own a home of your own.