Saturday, January 17, 2009

Maybe Moving

I am so excited. As you all know, who have been reading my blog for a while, I've been wanting to move for some time, but especially before Ellie comes. Well, it's looking like it's going to work out. We were thinking we would be moving into another appartment or maybe a duplex. Looks like we may be moving into a house.

My mother in law, is AWESOME in every way. She is living with her mother to help her, and it's costing her less living there. They live about 45minutes away from us. But, my husband will be going into trucking shortly after Ellie is born. While he's on the road, I will be left with little to no support system here. The support here is his sister who I don't agree with her way of living, she lets her 8yr old son watch shows and movies, we aren't comfortable with. I guess we have more of a conservative way of raising children. No problem, it's her style, just not our "form" of raising children. We all have that freedom to decide, fortunately. The other support is his dad, who starts drinking at 8am and can't even hold on to a set a keys. Again, my choice of babysitters. So, we have decided to move if we can to the town his mom, nana, sister and her family, and some other people live. I'll have more support, and if I have to work part time, or need a break for a couple hours, then we have plenty of people around that we trust to care for Ellie.

So, back to the house. My mother in law, has decided that since we aren't yet in the position to get a home loan and purchase our first home, that she will do it for us. Her and I are going out Monday to look at a long list of houses. We will pay the mortgage and everything, by giving it to her, then she would pay it. After a couple years when we've settled and stuff, we go through the process of buying it from her, or switching it over to our names. Whatever is best at the time. I am so beyond excited about this.

For some background on me. When I was born, my mom and I lived with my grandparents, in their house. When I was 3yrs old, and I remember this, we lived in a single wide trailer, no phone, in the woods. When my mom got married, we lived in a house, sort of. It was originally a single wide, but her husband prior to marrying my mom, built on, and it was more like a house or double wide maybe. When they divorced, we moved in with my grandparents, in to a old double wide. All 4 of us, later moved into another double wide. After my grandma died, my mom, grandfather, and I moved into a house for a few months. My mom was disabled, and couldn't care for herself. My grandfather got married, and put my mom in a nursing home, so I moved out of state to live with a great aunt and her husband in a nice large house, that was for my senior year. After graduating, I moved back with my mom, she was in a one bedroom apartment. I lived on campus, but when I went home, I slept in the living room, on a luv seat that had the pull out bed. Not fun. I later moved in with a friend, into a double wide. Can't I get out of all these mobile homes yet? Later I moved in with my mom, who had moved into a different state, 9hrs away. Guess where she lived. She lived in a double wide, but she had fixed it up so much that it took everybody a while to figure out, and they appraised it as a modular. I got married and lived in a 1 bedroom appartment then we moved into this old dingy 2 bedroom appartment. I'm sick of 2 things, mobile homes and appartments. I want to live in a house, it's a dream, and a quite petty one to most people, and I'm sure to many of you. But, it's still a dream, and here I am, I can taste my dream.

The house we get isn't going to be emaculate. But, either way it's going to be ours, well, my mother in laws, but still, you get the point. It's close enough. I will be able to paint and hange decorations, because I will be "home." I could have painted this appartment, I thought about it, came really close many times, but it's not home, I hate it here, and I just couldn't do it. I'm just so freakin excited. What's even more exciting, is we are finding houses in the right price range (as far as we know right now), and they are a lot nicer based on pictures and descriptions than I thought we would be able to get. I'm just so excited I had to shout about it on here. I know it's petty excitement, and we very well may end up with a small house, but it will be my small house. Hopefully we can get all this done and move in before Ellie arrives. It doesn't leave much time, but hopefully it will all happen fast.


elephantscanremember said...

It's not petty at all! You will love living in your own house. It is a very liberating feeling.

Congratulations on the progress!