Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Years/Growing up

Maybe this would have been better a little closer to 1-1-09, but I just thought of it. Growing up, anytime it would be the New Year I would rub into my mom's face that next year I would be 10yrs old, when I was just 8. I guess that was probably the first year I figured it out. It always made me feel so much older, like a big kid, or teenager already, or an adult.
The logic behind this, since I seemingly skipped an age. My birthday is in July. If I started a year out at 8yrs old, I would turn 9, that year, and the next year turn 10yrs old, hence why I was never lying when I said I would be 2 numbers older the next year. Last year, I was 24 at the New Years, and just really didn't feel like saying it, for obvious reasons. But, now I'm suddenly starting to feel the whole aging thing. It's absolutely CRAZY. It was still fun when I was in my early 20's. But mid-late 20's, no fun. I'm starting to be in a bit of denial about my birthday in July. I'm in denial with how old DH will turn in May. Sure we're still in our 20's, but not for much longer. We are grown up adults now, not just "young adults." It just seems to be getting more and more surreal with each year and each age I turn.
Just thought I would share.