Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Found a house

We looked at many houses the last couple days. There was one house that I saw online that I loved. There was only 1 picture of it, of the front, but still I had a good feeling. We went to see the house, and looked in the windows....still very much a good feeling. Today we went with the realtor and saw the inside of the house and we all have a GREAT feeling about it. The other houses we saw, sure they were cute, pros and cons with each, but this one house was built for us. It was built at the end of 2008, around September/October. Yeah, brand new, we would be the first living there. It's just what we need. Not too big, not too small, which is important when you think about electric bill. It's perfect. So we are starting the process. My mother in law is working on getting approved, wont be a problem and putting in an offer. The realtor asked us when we wanted to move in and I told her before the baby is born. She agreed. She said she's thinking we will be able to move the beginning of March. That's exactly when we need it to work for us. So, that will put us moving in about a month before Ellie is born. Also the first 2 weekends in March I have my showers, so hopefully what we get, we can take it directly to the new house. This is so exciting.

I went to the doctor today. I was sure I would fail my 3hr GTT. Guess what, I didn't. I passed, and not just barely, but I passed with flying colors. Yeah!! I was so shocked I asked the doctor if he was sure my results weren't mixed up with somebody else's. He said he was sure. He was very surprised too though. He went on for a while how he didn't think I would pass. I asked if we will HAVE to induce at 39wks like he originally said. He is saying that with hypertension it's going to be best. So it doesn't look like I'm going to get out of it. Oh well.


Elana Kahn said...

WOOO YOU PASSED!! If you passed, then surely I should have!

~*JaYmE*~ said...

Congrats on passing. Good luck on the house!

To A T said...

Yay you passed!! Congrats girl! :)

Congrats on finding a house too! I think when we finally signed on the (hundreds of) dotted line for ours it was the best feeling ever! I hope your MIL is able to get qualified and you get to bring Ellie home to a new house!!