Monday, January 5, 2009

Update on sleep

I FINALLY SLEPT!!! I don't even know if I went 3 or 4 days/nights without real sleep. It all kind of runs together. But, I fell asleep last night, and slept WONDERFULLY. I remember waking myself up snoring so loud. Hahaha. I feel so great now. I had pretty bad swelling last night, gone now. My joints aren't aching, and my muscles aren't weak. I don't even feel as anxious/excited. I feel 100% better physically and emotionally. Oh and I went to sleep without medicine to help.

To a different subject. I woke up this morning to a CLEAN apartment. Not just half clean, or stuff transferred from one room to another. No, the WHOLE place is completely and totally clean. Either my husband did it, or an alien switched him with a look alike, or a cleaning fairy invaded my place. Either way, I don't's clean.

Two miracles in one night. I slept, and get this, I slept through some massive cleaning. And our apartment is clean/organized. I'm totally elated!!!!


Morgan said...

Unfortunately the sleep thing only gets worse as your pregnancy progresses, sorry to be the barrer (spelling?) of bad news! It will all be worth it though so hang in there hun! :)