Tuesday, January 13, 2009

3rd High Risk Appointment

I had my 3rd high risk appointment today. It wasn't too bad. I got to see Ellie again, which is a major plus of having high risk problems. I have kept the fact that I was getting the amnio on the down low on the Internet world. I went back and forth debating on getting it or not. I ultimately chose to get it for several reasons, I chose not to get into on the Internet world. I could care less about the down syndrome aspect, but I did it for the cystic fibrosis reason. There are a number of things that if she does have it, we have to do because of the complications. I just really don't feel I can be prepared as I need to be, if she does have it. This is my first, we have never held a 2wk old baby, much less a 2 day old or a 2hr old baby. We've never bathed a baby, or anything. There will be so much getting used to baby care, that for the first one anyway, we need to know if we are also dealing with cystic fibrosis stuff.

I drug my husband there, as I at least needed his hand, and chopping his hand off to take it wasn't an option. He has been pretty depressed and stressed lately about a lot. It just seems like everything is happening to us, one thing after another, and it's not good stuff either. Soon our little dark cloud over our heads has to be replaced by sunshine. But, I do understand that things can be a lot worse, and once we get through these problems, they wont seem as bad. We'll get through, I hope, I'm sure though. So he didn't want to go to the doctor with me, but he ultimately went.

Before I did the usual stuff with the pee cup, blood pressure, answering the few questions, the geneticist wanted to talk to us. She told us that because of procedure, they needed to draw one small vial of blood from each of us to send with the amniotic fluid they collect. She explained it. We were both quick to say no about him doing the whole blood thing. The last time they (OBGYN), needed his blood sample, they assured us that there wouldn't be a cost, now we have a $400 bill. Too bad that's no the only medical bill in the pile. This lady ASSURED us big time, that there would be no charge, I was convinced and believed her. He did not, but that wasn't his whole problem. We went to the waiting room, until they called us back for the blood work. I have no idea where they took him, but they had me sit in the chair and went somewhere with him. Apparently he gave them a lot of trouble, and the nurse and he returned. He wouldn't agree to it. He was complaining like a kid, and boy did I want to slap him. He said, it's not right they want to keep doing the shot (blood) thing, they did it in the army, they did it a few months ago...cry, cry, whine, whine, I'm not doing it. Yes, he was in the army, had depression problems, and pretty much walked out before blood work/shots. I don't understand. I was so embarrassed because there was no talking him into it. I asked the nurse, what if he didn't even come with me. She said then they would just take mine and not his, that while both parents is ideal, and best, 1 is better than nothing. I told her, to just get mine, he's a grown man, we can't hold him down and force him. He went out to the waiting room and called somebody, probably to complain to his mommy (momma's boy). Good grief, I was so embarrassed though. You can expect children to be a bit hesitant and resist, but a 26yr old man, suck it up and let them use the tiny butterfly needle. I'm really glad that I don't expect Ellie to be like that, because I will be the main one taking her to doctors and when it comes to needles and stuff, I'm big on the being tough.

After they took my blood, they got me in a room. I got to watch Ellie on the screen. She was so adorable! She was looking at the camera today and had her foot over her head, at first anyway. I saw her open and close her mouth several times. She was flipping around a lot. But she was too cute. She weighs 1lb 14oz, which they say is good. The doctor came in and we began the amnio. The nurse or tech I guess she is, had the ultra sound going so they could stay away from Ellie. He put the needle in, and when it broke skin, I was thinking, "well this isn't bad at all." He said "you'll start feeling menstrual cramps right now." As soon as he said, ouch. It hurt, but it wasn't kick doctor kinda pain. It was let me squeeze the hand a tad bit harder. The pain would decrease some then increase. He got like 5 or 6 vials of the amniotic fluid. Each time he took another one and screwed it to the needle, there was an increase in pain because he was having to touch the needle. It was short, and not TOO bad. After the procedure, I thought I would need a band aide, but you can't even see where they did it at. The cramping isn't really all that bad, and is just in the area of the uterus, that they went in at. I guess that's a good thing. They told me what to look out for the next 24hrs. I think we're good though.

Before I left he wanted me to lay back and relax so they could take my blood pressure again. Before when they took it, it was pretty high, 155/87 I think it was. Since I was also seeing blurry, I was perfectly ok with it. Apparently still no protein in my urine. Yay!! My blood pressure did go down, so it was probably just that I was a little nervous about the procedure and stuff. I have another appointment in 3wks. I wish I could go back to every 6wks. But, it is what it is. If I fail my 3hr glucose test on Thursday then I'll have to speak with a dietitian at the high risk doctor at my next appointment. I failed the 1hr, but I'm hopeful, not expecting, but hoping I'll pass the 3hr. I failed before I was pregnant because of PCOS, so why would I now pass. Ellie isn't big yet, and she's looking good, so I'm happy. I just need the rest of this pregnancy to be non eventful and boring and normal. Which right now it's pretty much's normal. I don't really have too much to say from day to day. The 3rd tri pains haven't set in yet so I'm still in that honeymoon phase of pregnancy. I still haven't forgot my need to post up ultra sound pictures. Be patient, I don't have a scanner right now, so I have to go to Walmart and put the pics. on a disc. But these are some cute ones so it'll be done as soon as I have the money, hopefully on Thursday.


Elana Kahn said...

OMG! I had no idea that you were having an amnio after all. (duh, of course I wouldn't know...) Too bad your hubby wouldn't do the blood. My hubby is terrified of needles, but he'll sit and have the blood drawn (and then nearly pass out...) When do you get the results? GOOD LUCK!

ssbean said...

I'll get the results in 10-14 days.

Christina said...

I hope the results are good with your amino. I would have slapped the crap out of my husband if he didn't get blood drawn. He actually just got blood drawn for the first time a few weeks ago and the nurse gave him a sticker because he didn't bitch or pass out!

Coco said...

yeah I would be pretty pissed if hubby did that too! Men are so stupid sometimes! Can't wait to see the new belly pics!

~*JaYmE*~ said...

I hope everything goes well. Keep us posted. (((HUGS)))