Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Turn Around

Wow!! Simon helped last night. We have figured out how Simon can change diapers, sitting on the couch with the diaper changing pad and supplies. Now he can feed and change diapers. He helped a lot last night. All I had to do was take her to him and he took care of her. Then I wake up again and take her from him when they're finished. It's so wonderful to have middle of the night help from the daddy. It's AWESOME!!!! Simon is doing okay now. He's getting very restless with being stuck at home and under the mercy of others. He needs his independence and freedom. So he has left for a drive by himself from time to time. And I can't stop him. I can only pray that he is safe when he goes driving.

What are your thoughts about the Swine Flu? What about you with children and babies. I wouldn't care much if it wasn't for Ellie...but it's scary with her.


Morgan said...

I'm glad Simon finally helped out! I'm so sorry he is having to go through this right after a NEW baby, you are so stronge to be able to take care of them both, I couldn't imagine the first month or so without Kevin's help.

Swine Flu, umm...I try not to make a big deal out of things like that but it does worry me with Mason and all.

Julie said...

I think the whole swine flu thing is being blown way out of proportion.