Sunday, April 19, 2009

Big Improvement

Today was big improvement! I woke up this morning expecting a great day, I had a feeling that we would make major progress with his leg. He woke up and immediately started showing williness to fight through. His uncle who has had some major problems with his leg in the past came and helped a lot. Before it was over, Simon crutched himself down the road to a church that we had previously visited. I followed with Ellie in the stroller. It was nice to do something somewhat normal. After church we returned by foot to the house. BIG IMPROVEMENT. Yesterday he got around the house by scooting himself on the floor. Which was better than using an urinal thing in bed when he had to pee. So things are getting better. Tonight his nana was willing to drive us to the church we prefer. Simon did amazing. So far, he plans on going with me to my doctor's appointment tomorrow. It's my 2wk appointment. I'm actually kind of nervous. They say things like "don't overdo it" or "take it easy." But, they don't say why they tell you that. I've been big time overdoing it. I'm not supposed to lift anything heavier than the baby. Oops. In the circumstances I'm in, I've been lifting her in the carseat/carrier. But it doesn't stop there. There have been other things I have lifted, pulled, and pushed on that I shouldn't have. I have done things that have caused discomfort to abdomin. But, hey, gotta do what I gotta do. But, now I'm nervous that any layer of stitches may have come loose or something. I mean, I'm sure it's ok, but seriously, it's a risk, otherwise you wouldn't have restrictions. And I haven't been living by the restrictions. I've felt fine until a day or two ago. Now there's pain, not to the incision, but to the abdomin. Discomfort pain down inside. I'm not sure how normal it is to feel fine for a couple weeks, then start having the pain. My mom says it's because my adrenalin has been up so I haven't noticed the pain, and now suddenly I'm noticing as my adrenalin goes down. Gosh, I hope I haven't damaged things. I need to go to sleep while I have a chance, since I don't have anybody here tonight to help me with baby care in the middle of the night. Kinda hard for daddy to hobble in there and feed that baby. And his mom is here through the night, but the time I entrusted her my baby in the middle of the night, she was microwaving bottles. I told her not to that, and she didn't understand and questioned it. I tried to explain it, but seriously, written on the bottles from the factory it has Warning Do Not Microwave. Is that not a good enough reason. So, she doesn't know how to use the bottle warmer or anything. She was also wondering why I wasn't putting vasaline on the cord. Which rubbing alcohol a couple times a day made it fall off when she was 2wks old. Bragging here: She is so smart, I'll have to get pictures up to prove it. She holds her paci in her mouth with her hands. She wasn't a week old, when she was back in the hossy for jaundice. I had her in her lights, in the jacket thing over the lights. The sleeves were so long on her and her hands were somewhere in there. She took her hand that she can't see to hold the paci there. Shouldn't she have the mindset, "out of sight out of mind." And she's lifting her head up. Well, not big news, she started that at 48hrs old. And she's rolling onto her side while she sleeps. She's so strong and smart and beautiful. Ok, so I'm a typical mommy, right. But, I do realize that at 2wks, yeah she's beautiful, but others may not see ALLLLLL the beauty I see in her. Back to I need to go bed. 3hrs from now comes soon.