Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thing called cable

We have been married for over 2yrs, and during those 2yrs we didn't have cable. Before we moved we had basic cable but didn't use for a while, then eventually we used it. But we had and it was usually enough. Sure there were boring times for me when my knee was sprain and my job wouldn't let me work. There were other things that were difficult for me to do, so there was a lot of sitting around. Then during the pregancy I was on complete bedrest for some time, then on modified bedrest, but neither warranted a need for full cable. But now, Simon is down and in his depressed and irrational state of mind a couple days ago he called to get the full cable. So, now we have cable. It's pretty cool. But there are so many channels we have no desire to stinks that we are paying so much. We never want TV to "control" us, if you know what I mean. I guess I have mixed feeling about this whole cable thing. It's pretty neat, but at the same time I'm not too thrilled. Who knows what my feelings really are. I think my biggest problem is that I have had "rough" times and we didn't get cable. Now Simon is going through a "rough" time and we have cable. And it just so happens to be at a time that I can't even watch a movie all the way through. My grandma, even after she had 5 kids doesn't understand that. If the baby isn't needing something, good chance my husband needs something. With the rest of the time, I'm doing laundry, cooking, mixing formula, nursing for an hour, cleaning, and quickly checking on my online stuff. Talk about busy. The absolute worse is when I'm nursing or caring for Ellie and Simon decides he needs something. Makes me wanna scream. Baby first, right? It's so frustrating and makes it to where I can't sleep when Ellie sleeps because I have Simon to take care of. And I don't have the help of a husband, since he's one of my kids right now. Sure I can have his mom and nana over to help...but I can't handle it anymore, and he's not happy with them either. He gets in the shower and there's no soap, no shampoo, nothing. Guess where it's at. SOMEBODY moved it out of the tub into a basket. Ummm, who needs shampoo and soap OUTSIDE the shower. That's one of many things of mine that has been "relocated" in my house. My house, my kitchen, my stuff is set up where it works for us, and I used to know where everything is. Now things are flat out missing. Where our cups are, I have no idea. We used to have cups/glasses...they are MISSING. I can't even begin to list the things that have been moved...then somebody else (people who move crap) ask me where something is. I tell them, I have no idea, because I have so many people in my house that moves things. Fortunately people aren't invading my space like they were. But, it's so darn aggravating, that at this point, I would rather be aggravated by doing everything for Ellie and Simon without help rather than accepting help and dealing with crap. Right now my mom and grandma are babysitting Ellie for an overnighter. I think I'm going to see if they can do this once a week. And I've asked my mom if she can spend the night one night a week with us so I can have a little help, but not totally surrender my job as mother and wife.

We have brainstormed a possible temp job for me. Since I have tons of experience in caregiving to disabled we are going to look for me a part time sitter job. I can go with elderly or disabled. I think we are going to look at part time and I think his nana, my mom, and sister in law may be able to assist with baby sitting. There's 3 babysitters, 3 days, we think it can be done. We just have to find that sitter job for me.


elephantscanremember said...

Men can be such big babies!

I am sorry you're going through so much and cannot fully enjoy your little Ellie. I hope things turn around quickly for you.

Morgan said...


I learn something new everyday!