Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jon and Kate +8

I absolutely love the show. Can't say I'm shocked about the recent news of the marital problems with cheating. I mean it happens to couples all the time. I'm not saying it's ok, or normal. I'm just saying, I don't put anybody on a pedestal with things. However, it could totally be a publicity thing to get even higher ratings in this last season. I mean you never know. I just really hope they do have this last season. I just adore those 8 kids.

Update on us. Ellie is doing wonderful. She's growing, her tummy issues are getting better. She's precious as ever, smart, and strong. Simon is doing good. His birthday is tomorrow. He's not wearing his brace now, the dr. said it's ok. His leg is not in any pain, only when he bends it...but that's because it's kind of locked up some on him. For the most part, we are waiting till the end of the 3 months so he can start putting weight on it. We are wondering if it would really mess things up if he were to start baring a little weight on it now. But, of course he isn't going to do it without an ok from the doctor. 3 months is a long time. I'm battling some post partum depression. I guess that's what it is. I mean, look at my life right could just be regular depression. I'm tired of being the only one in the house who can do dishes, laundry, mixing formula, getting dirty clothes off the floor and putting them where they go, carrying Ellie around, and taking trash out. The list really does go on. The point is, I'm getting tired of doing what seems to be everything. All the while, he sits on the couch, recliner, or bed, watches TV, and talks on the phone. He goes to church on Sunday, drives an hr to see his dad, goes to physical therapy 3 days a week, and anytime he gets depressed, or "stir crazy" as he says he just goes out driving. I'm stressed about our future. During this time, he should be figuring out if he is going to follow through with trucking...if so he needs to be studying the 115 point inspection. If he's not, then he needs to find a job that will make him happy and pay what he needs, or 2 jobs. Either way, he can be doing those things now. I am very stressed about our future right now. I hope everything works out. Surely it will work out. Right???