Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ellie's appointment update

Her appointment was pretty good, for being the first. I have to get a stool sample and take it to the children's hospital. It's about 45min-1hr away so, yes she's pooped. I have yet to get a sample to them because it's been raining, storming, or I haven't been showered and dressed when the poops come. Soon though, we'll be getting it to them. Her next appointment is right after the sweat test on July 14th.

The doctor said any gassy issues and pain she has while she eats is most likely the CF. Since we don't have the test results from the stool sample and the sweat test yet, it was really hard for him to say much. They did say I need to increase the breastfeeding and decrease the formula. She is gaining weight and growing great. She is almost 10lbs and on the chart, so that was awesome. We are having to switch her formula, which I was hoping he would want done.

So far the more breastfeeding and less formula thing is going ok, just ok. Yesterday I EBF in the morning and in the afternoon. By about 1 or 2pm, she was overly fussy. I continued to put her up to the breast, but she was so fussy and crying hysterical. I finally gave her a few oz's of breastmilk I had in the fridge. Once again she was happy and content. I decided that when she bottle feeds I'll make sure I pump to help increase the supply. I have you know I pumped both sides for a while and didn't even fill the little bottle up to a cm. It was ridiculous. I think she litterally sucked me dry. I pumped about 2 more times since, and all together I have just over an oz. I guess she litterally sucked me dry. But, I've got to either offer her the breast or pump at every feeding so my breast know to produce more milk.

The problem with all this, is when I baby is born, the first few weeks is generally for mother to heal/recover, to get a routine going, and for mother to nurse (if she's going that route). The first few weeks of Ellie's life were for none of that. It was taking care of daddy, stressing about daddy, and all the hell he putting us threw. I would stay up late with her, to have his nana come in around 8am, to lift all blinds and stressing that we needed to get our nights and days straight. I had people going through my house putting stuff in the STRANGEST places. I'm still finding stuff in weird places. All so aggravating. Having a mother in law and simon's nana taking my husband to the bathroom, and NEVER getting even 5minutes alone with my husband. Yeah...Ellie and nursing dropped through the cracks. So now, 7-8wks later I NEED my time, Ellie NEEDS her time. We need our time now, since we didn't get it earlier in her life. Simon is doing more around the house now, so it's hopefully going to be easier for me to do this nursing thing.


Misty Dawn said...

Hope you are able to increase your BFing! Get that poop girl!

Samantha said...

The gassy issues isnt necessarily the CF (of course im sure the dr know more than i do!) but I know a lot of babies just ARE gassy and fussy. Cody was when we switched him to formula, we had to try 5 different formulas until we found one that made him not have lots of gas. The soy ones even made him vomit. There is also reflux to look into. I just want to make sure that your dr doesnt always automatically assume CF when there are other things it could be that all babies go through, kwim? Hope you guys are doing well :)