Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is this CF problems, or something else

Ellie has been fussy a lot in the evenings. A couple weeks the doctor was quick to say colic, and I was quick to accept that diagnosis. However, now I'm questioning it. She SUPER gassy. She doesn't burp much, even while we are trying to burp her for 30 or more minutes. She passes a lot of gas. She spit up a little yesterday for the FIRST time ever. When she eats she is VERY fussy. She's squirmy, fussy (not all out crying), and tried to eat, but then pushes away, then wants to eat. Its obviously to us that she's in pain and all she knows to do is eat, but the more she eats the more pain she's in. It's so hard to watch her be in so much pain. This gas thing is terrible though. So bad that we all swear that she's had poopy, but there's nothing there. It sounds and smells like that's what it is. When she does poop it's huge, my mom thinks it's more than normal, but she just had me. I think babies probable have HUGE poops. But it's obvious that she's in pain when she eats and after she eats. She has a pedi appointment this afternoon, and we meet with the CF doctor on the 26th.


Katey said...

It could be CF-related. But here is another thought: maybe she is allergice to the formula you are using? Are you breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Sometimes babies have reactions to certain milk....maybe try using something different? Just a suggestion. I would think if it was CF-related, she would be having lots of poopy diapers....or probably diarrhea. I'm glad you have an appointment though with a CF doctor!

Cindy said...

That sounds EXACTLY like my Reilly. We didn't get a diagnosis until 19 months, so I dealt with it until then. She MAY have reflux, which would explain her wanting to eat, but realizing that eating hurts. Do they have her on any enzymes? That could help with the digestion and gassy issues. Feel free to email me with any questions. I have been in your shoes!

Carrie said...

It sounds like classic CF symptoms to me but I am sure there could be other causes for it to. They may decide to put her on enzymes to see if that helps!!