Sunday, May 10, 2009

Picture galoure...Happy Mother's Day.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL WOMEN OUT THERE, though there's only like 30minutes left today.
Here are a bunch of pictures of the glimpse of heaven that has given me the title "mommy." She's the most precious baby ever. Couldn't be more perfect. She's beautiful and just simply a wonderful baby. Enjoy the pictures, there are quite a few.

This was still in the hospital.

Not even a month old, and already in college. Can't crawl yet, but she's a cheerleader...the talent.

She's held her paci in her mouth, so many times, and this was
when she was less than a month old.

I thought this one was cute.

I love the faces she makes. She's so darling.


When tummy time started to get fun. Look at her pushing her butt in the air. Now she's pushing her top part up some, but really at the same time, and about to tip herself over as her knees and butt come all the way up. She also propelled slightly today on a bed, gravity helped her some. I told my mom it has to happen 3 times before it's considered real and not "accident." So, we'll see.
Happy 1 Month my little angel.

Car seat fun...not really she hates it if she's not moving.

See she's realized she isn't going anywhere.

Up with the head, and up with the butt...ow the progress she's making. This tummy time was the first time she started to tip herself over with her knees. So cute!! The red on the back of her scalp is her birthmark.

Happy Mother's Day. Mommy.


Elana Kahn said...

Happy Mommy's Day!! She is so adorable too!

Julie said...

Happy first Mother's Day to you! She's so cute in that cheerleader outfit, I can't stand it!

Katey said...

Very precious pictures! Happy 1st Mother's day!!