Saturday, November 15, 2008

More randoms

I have a few different things to say.

First, thank you Elana for the blog reward. I haven't even attempted to do anything with it, because well, I'm technological, well, stupid. I'm kinda afraid to try anything. This stuff scares me and I have no idea how people do the things they do. I'm a little jealous maybe. I'm upset because I can never get my myspace layout to do what I want it to do. I don't know, it seems things should be so easy. Maybe it's partially my dinosaur computer.

So, I said we are naming our girl Elizabeth Ellen. Would you believe the book of names/meanings we have does not have Ellen in it. It has everything else, but not Ellen. Crazy!!

My doctor said I had a 1 in 70 chance of Down Syndrome, he was wrong. The genetic counselor said I have a 1 in 108 chance, she even showed me where it said it. And there were no red flags on the u/s indicating Down Syndrome. Woosh, what I relief!! CF, isn't as bad as we originally thought either. The mutation I have to the gene is the most common. Simon has a very rare mutation, that unless it also has a different mutation, it's not as bad. Even if we did pass on our CF gene to our offspring it would not affect them like the "typical" CF. If a male, they would still be infertile, and either way they would still have respiratory problems. However, they probably wont have the pancreatisis and the digestive problems like others do. Again, what a relief!! I have decided against the amniocentisis, even though the office's rate of complication is 1 in 1500. I've figured, there's no red flags on the Down Syndrome, and we know about the CF. I am going to request the info for the CF doctor in town, so maybe we can meet with him/her before the birth so we are more prepared if Ellie does have it.

You read it right, if we have a boy with CF, he will suffer infertility. The genetic counselor said the only way he will be able to have a baby is by IVF. She also said there would be a chance that his sperm wouldn't even be vialable enough for that. If we have a boy with CF in the future, I'm not sure if I want to tell him from the beginning, you know during the puberty talk, or wait. If you tell a teenage boy that he can't have kids, then he may just decide to go sleep with every girl he knows. So, maybe wait and tell him about the infertility later when he starts dating more seriously. Oh, well, I don't have to figure that out yet. We are having a girl, and I'm just trying to figure out what age I need to tell her that she could start gushing with blood down there.