Saturday, November 22, 2008

Meeting the Monster 1st Memory

As I try to think of topics to blog about, I can't think of anything good. I mean, I live a rather boring life. There are some things in my current life I could blog about, but I would rather not. Some things are just personal and don't need to be shared on public internet. So, I figured I would start posting some topics that would let you know me a little better. Not the surface me, or the present me, but memories I have from early childhood and beyond. I think it will reveal a little about me that most don't know yet. I can remember what happened when I was 16months old, but I can't remember what happened yesterday. I may remember things before I was 16 months old, but in my mind I can't put a date on anything specific, until then.

You may be wondering how I can remember something from 16 months of age. It's easy, it was my first time meeting SANTA CLAUS. So, since my birthday was July, and I wasn't an infant, it was obviously when I was 16months old. Also talking to my mother about, she confirms when it was and is shocked that I can remember something from such a young age. My opinion, was when something is that traumatic, you tend to remember it.

My Mema took me to the K-Mart my Granddaddy worked in quite often when I was young. I remember her dressing me in these beautiful lacy dresses and putting me in the shopping cart seat. We wouldn't make it past the entrance before all these women came saying how cute I was.

This particular day was a little different. My Mommy was with us, and I think Granddaddy was on break. We went into the store, and since my Mommy was there I wasn't dressed in a fancy dress this time. When you went into the store, just to your left was the snack bar, that's where we went on this day. I'm assuming we got some kind of food or drinks, don't really remember. I do remember we were sitting at a booth, Mema on one side, my mom and I on the other, of course, me on the inside. To the right of me was ledge that if I wanted to, I could fall over and land in the store, just to give you a visual. We were enjoying our little day out.

Then it happened. This big, huge, scary man came. I still get a little freaked thinking about it. He had a lot of white hair on his face, big black belt, black gloves, and huge black boots. I was TERRIFIED. I screamed, I cried, for what seemed like forever. While I screamed and cried, the 2 people I trusted most in life, Mema, and Mommy, were trying to give me to him. I protested, kicked, hit, and did everything I could to avoid going any closer to the strange scary man. I couldn't figure out why Mema and Mommy wanted me to get closer to him, did they not love me? I remember thinking, if I go over this ledge, I may get hurt, but I would further from this monster, but if I don't go over the ledge, who knows what will happen. After careful consideration, I finally decided, that going over the ledge was my only option. At this point, my Mema and Mommy saw my decision, and finally told the monster to leave.

Lesson learned: Never trust!! This was the first time I can remember that the people I trusted the most let me down. I felt like they put me in danger.

If you like reading my early memories, keep reading my blog. I think my childhood memories and circumstances are more interesting than my current boring life. Trust me, my brain is going crazy thinking about the next things to write about. From preschool through high school, I have a lot of history I can't wait to share.


Julie said...

That does sound really traumatic. Why do our parents do things like this to us?

Morgan said...

Aww poor thang! Good story...keep em coming!