Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sorry I've been MIA

Ok, I'm back. Life has been so hectic, I can't even say what's all been going, because it's been so much, but I am on facebook a lot. Just not much w/ updating my blog.
I have lost 16lbs and still going strong. I'm not doing a whole lot to lose weight, just trying alter my eating and having an active 1yr old gets me moving a little more. She isn't happy with a "lazy day" just staying at home. So we go out, somewhere everyday. She's so much fun though. I have my exam tomorrow, well actually today. Then next week I'm going to start looking for a job I can do from home to make a little extra income. If I can accomplish this, then we may TTC#2 this summer, putting the kids hopefully 2-3yrs apart. As for surgical tech, yes I still want to do that. However if I do that fall 2011, then obviously I wont get pregnant until after, but I'm still going to be going into the work force until after the 2nd child is older. So we'll probably TTC for a few months this summer. However if I can't make additional income then we are so done for now.
Ellie is doing great. She has moved up to the walkers in nursery at church. She's walking, and steady enough to be with almost 2yr olds. She loves the park, she likes the slide and swing. She still has just 4 teeth, but I'm happy with that, they are sharp. She's eating better. For a while she was gagging and throwing up everything that wasn't stage 2 baby food. Because of that her dr. wants her on formula longer. But the last week or 2, she's started doing better. Still not great, but a lot better. She can eat bread, crackers, beans, rice, and things like that. She gets 1-3 bottles a day. Soon I will try formula in a sippy and hopefully wean her from the actual bottle. She's not saying a lot of words, mama, dada, bobo and dobo, baby, boo, and maimi. Her and I are dog/house sitting for family w/ 3 dogs, one named Lobo. My mom's dog is boosi. Ellie calls her baby doll maimi. We have a GI appointment at the end of the week, but I'm wondering if we really need it. We'll go and see what happens.
I'll try to post again later this week.