Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Ellie/Happy Easter

Yesterday was Ellie's 1st birthday. We had her party on Saturday. What a success. My MIL wanted to invite ALL the family who had babies which means almost everybody, so of course I had to invite the few families in the extended family that didn't have babies. Besides Ellie we had 3 of the babies, 2 weren't there. We had just over 40 people at her party. To offset the high number coming from DH's side I invited some family and family friends on our side. It seemed to work well. We had an easter egg hunt for the kiddos, which they all enjoyed. Ellie even hunted eggs with daddy. Daddy took her around and she picked up eggs and put them in the bag. Then later when the kids counted their eggs we sat her on the sidewalk with the others and counted 13 eggs. It was so cute, I'll have to get my SIL's pic she took of Ellie hunting eggs posted sometime.
Of course we had cake. Ellie's cake had her initial logo my mom created. You know the butterfly made out of the initials EEB. It was pretty neat. She didn't dig into the cake like other babies do, she was quite reserved, but eventually she got her hands all dirty, just not her face. Good girl, I'm raising her right, lets not get all sticky.
We were going to do a diaper derby, but no other baby can crawl yet, so obviously it wouldn't have been too fair. We did where everybody guessed how many fruit loops were in a container. My mentally challenged cousin, he's on a 7ish yr old level guessed the closes, I was shocked. The 2nd place winner was an 11yr old, again rather shocked. Ellie would have been 2nd place if my mom put what she meant to put for Ellie's guess. My mom put 1999, for some reason...all we can think is my mema died April of 1999. My mom wanted to put 2009 for the year Ellie was born. That would have won her maybe even 1st place. My cousin, put 200018..meaning 2018, but he didn't know how to write it.
She got SOOOO many gifts. I'll say it was about an equal division with the clothes, toys, and books. So far her favorite toy seems to be what I, well, DH and I got her. But I picked it out. It's basketball goal, w/ 2 little hard plastic balls, connected to it, there is baseball and has a little bat, and there's a football. It's designed so more than 1 child can play on it at once. Ellie LOVES balls, so though it may be a "boy" toy it's so her. When you score on the basketball, it cheers and lights up the score, so cool.
She's walking around now. She'll walk halfway across the room and then go back to crawling. She isn't standing up in w/out something to pull up on yet though. She still has 2 teeth on the bottom and 2 teeth on top. She says mommy, dada, mama, baby, bye, maimi, and babbles some other stuff that I can't make out yet. She waves hi and bye. She loves her baby doll which she seems to have named Maimi. Her favorite things are balls, music, her baby dolls, and dogs and cats. She shows the animals and her baby dolls so much love by hugging them, petting them, and kissing the dolls. My baby is really growing up on me. I'm so impressed with the things she's doing and saying. This past year has been the best ever. I don't remember ever smiling and laughing as much as I have since she's been in my life. I may have had a bit of wait before I got pregnant with her, but it was worth every minute and every failed cycle. For now we have got a beautiful and complete family. Eventually we may add to our family, but for now I'm just going to continue to focus on this little one.