Saturday, May 15, 2010

You know I have no idea what I wrote on the last blog entry. Sorry if I repeat.

We had a death in the family a couple weeks ago. It was my uncle, well actually my great uncle. But because of the family dinamics he was more like a regular unlce. I saw him several times a year, summers, christmas, thanksgiving, and sometimes another time. His son and I were really close growing up since we were only 2yrs apart. He seemed to be everybody's favorite unlce. It's been hard on the whole family since we all thought so much of him and it was totally unexpected.

Due to the funeral we got to see family we haven't seen in 10+yrs. Ellie got play with a couple of her little cousins on my side of the family for a change. She's usually only seeing and playing with cousins on Simon's side. The funeral has us planning a small reunion this August. We have been planning one for next August but it will be a lot bigger, with family from CA coming.

I rescheduled Ellie's GI appointment, I think I may cancel it though. Suddenly she's doing amazing with her eating. She loves chicken and carbs. She loves breads and pastas. She likes lentils but not into other beans. I'm having to feed her a meal w/out her seeing bread or pasta some during the day because she'll just eat that stuff and no veggies and meats. Chicken is really the only meat she does right now. It's really the only meat I eat too, so I guess it makes sense.

She's walking all over the place. She would rather walk than crawl now, which I actually like. I'll let her walk to the car some days. She weighs 20lbs, so she has finally gained a pound. First gained pound in 2 months. She is doing a lot of babbling and making sounds, but I don't talk that language. She does say doggie when she's around a dog. She says moma and dada, but I'm not convinced that it's just sounds she's saying vs. saying it on purpose. She will say other words once and never repeat them. For example after the grave side service my aunt Betty, (uncle who passed wife), rode with us back to her house. We were all talking, and Ellie clearly said "Betty." She never said it again. So you tell me did she know what she was saying when she Betty, or was she just experimenting w/ sounds?

I'm finished w/ my class. I made an "A" I'm so proud of myself. Now I have to take a test the college failed to tell me about. Actually they told me NOT to take it, just for me to find out that I need to take it. Oh well, that gives me more time to be home w/ Ellie. Somebody else told me there's a certain english and math you need, but I've NEVER heard that from anybody else. So this summer and next semester I will find all that out and hopefully have everything in place to start surg. tech aug. 2011.

That's all for now. Not too much else going on.


Elana said...

About your comment...

That's great!!! I know you suffered a loss just a few months ago, so I hope this is a sticky one! How exciting that we get to do this again. :-)