Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm bad at this blogging thing

It's official, I'm a terrible blogger. Haha. Well, instead of trying to pick up where I left off, I figured maybe I should talk about my weekend, and what is going on right now in life. That sounds easier.
Last weekend, I warned my husband that I was getting my hair cut. My hair used come down to the middle of my back. I was long, very full, and frizzy. The only things I could do with it were dry it for 40ish minutes and straighten it or keep it went and put it up in a ponytail or a bun. Yuck!! Neither were fun and neither made me feel wonderful about myself. So I dropped the bomb on my husband. I told him, I was warning him, not asking permission. Yeah, he's the kind of husband that insist on me having long hair. So, he was disappointed and really thought I wouldn't actually follow through with it. Hehehe, I did it though!! It's shoulder length, not above my shoulders, more like right at my shoulders, cut in long layers, and frames my face. It's cute, but it's curly. I've always had straight hair, then it turned a little wavy in my late teens, now, I get it cut, and it turned closer to curly. But, I like it. There are so many things I can do with it now. I can let it dry naturally, but add some mouse to curl it up, or I can use the defuser to help it with more defined curls (of course with styling products), I can dry it then straighten it, or I can let it dry naturally, put some anti frizz stuff, and let it be. Oh, and I can still put it up in a ponytail. So there are quite a few options I have, a lot better than before.
We are still trying to get pregnant. This is C13. I have switched doctors, still seeing an OBGYN, but he may actually do an IUI later if it looks like I need it. I'm praying we wont need that. When I saw him, he mentioned two options for this cycle, I can either take a break and have a laprascopic surgery to see if I have endometriosis, or I could continue clomid. After 3 failed cycles of clomid, I wasn't confident in it. I was actually feeling like clomid was hindering more. So, I am chosing to have the surgery. I see him tomorrow to discuss it and to schedule it. Hopefully he can get me in before I ovulate, because I would love to still have a chance at it this month, without the clomid.
On a more spiritual note, once I switched doctor's and he mentioned surgery and endometriosis, and I already know I have PCOS, I figured it was time to tell some people at my church. You'll have to understand my church, it is large, about 1500 people. Most of the people I am in contact with are spirit filled prayer warriers. My Sunday School/Life group class is 10-20 married couples. So, I wrote my situation down on the prayer request sheet. All the women gathered around me/laid hands on me and prayed for me. It was kind of hard, mostly because I am a to myself kind of person. Then one of my friends went down to the bookstore and got a book, "Supernatural Childbirth." If you are exspecting or trying to get pregnant, I reccomend this book. It's awesome, but it is a Christian book with biblical teachings and verses from the Bible. So if Christianity, is nowhere near you thing, then the book may not be for you. I skimmed through it and loved it. I had the money with me and I was going to buy it today, but my friend beat me to it. I told my husband we need to get her a thank you card. It one of those gifts I wouldn't feel right about trying to pay her back for it, for that would rob her of her blessing.
Well, I'm in the choir too at my church, 150ish people in it. We are preparing for a Patriotic Program to be done at the end of this month. It is going to be awesome. I'm looking forward to it. But we have practice the next two weeks Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It's a lot of practices and some long hours. He did say if we get everything done on Tuesday we may not have to come on Thursday. And he does follow through with what he says. I haven't told the choir yet about our little challenges with trying to get pregnant, give it there are a few people who sit around me in the alto section who know. We'll reveal it to the choir at a later time. We also go to an intercessor prayer group most Sunday mornings before sunday school/life group. Some of them know but we make a more official announcement after we know when this surgery will be. I don't want to jump the gun and make an announcement to everybody all at once.
I gotta run, I gotta get ready for church tonight.


Christina said...

I'm glad you've gotten back to your blog now! I've been checking in everyday to see if you've updated.