Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm back

You missed me, didn't you? Sorry, I am far from an obsessive blogger. So, sorry to all my fans.
Well, my surgery to find out if I have endo or adhesion's will be this Friday, June 27th at 8:30am. I'm off and on nervous. You see being afraid/nervous, is nothing but a lack of faith in God. Every time I get nervous about being put to sleep, I have to stop myself and remember that God will be with me. You see, I have had 2 surgeries in the past, and both times I have been extremely sick after. The first time was from the gas and the second time was probably because I was so sick going into it. I had a ruptured spleen with internal bleeding in my pelvic area. It was not an easy surgery. This will be quick and easy, so it has to go okay. God will be with me. The other off/on fear is they will get in there and not find anything. I will feel like the surgery was a total waste. However, I understand that if they don't find anything, then I can assume that God healed me before going in, which I know he can do.
Church was AWESOME tonight. The youth are on fire from going to The Ramp. They experienced something spiritually that is totally out of this world. I'm looking forward to when that anointing falls on the rest of us in the church...I know it will.
My pastor opened the altars tonight for anything, but he felt like some people needed to go up for healing. So, he was open to pray with people for healing. At first I didn't want to go and get prayed for by a youth. This endo surgery, TTC, and PCOS is kind of a "grown-up" thing. When he was open, I was still hesitant, he's a was strange. But, I finally, despite being nervous, went up so he could pray for me. He told me to get ready, to get a room ready then prayed a short prayer. Now here is the amazing part...I kind of am getting a room ready. My mom was getting rid of a couple chest of drawers and I wanted them. She asked me if I wanted them for my twins I will have. I looked at her strange, because that's exactly why I wanted them. I want twins, but who knows if I will have them. I just wanted both, just in case. I made my plans to paint them white. Well, I was able to put one in my car, the other is waiting for me at my mom's. This weekend, I have put the primer on the first one. I will paint it white, then add handles, since it doesn't have any. I have also been thinking of what nursery theme I want. I know if I have twins, I want Noah's Ark, you know, 2 by 2. I thought it would be cool. If it's one, I still really don't know what I will decide on. But, the twin thing will be awesome. I saw online a Noah's Ark picture frame I would get that has something about 2. At this point, I can't wait till "it" happens so I will know what to buy for the room. I am just so excited. And oh, if you are TTC, I can't even explain the feeling you have while you are making something for your baby that doesn't yet exist. There is something about it, that brings you a level of joy.


Christina said...

Sherry, good luck with your lap on Friday!