Thursday, June 30, 2011

Long Time No Blog

Facebook has taken over my blogging, but I need not to let it take over my online journal aka blog.

Little Elijah is 5months old as of tomorrow. Ellie is 2yrs 3 months. Elijah is doing very well. He had a rough start because he was tongue tied and it was hard for him to nurse and even bottle feed, though he maybe got all of 2 bottles offered those first 6wks. Now all he wants to do is nurse, he refuses bottles all together. That's my boy, but it can get a little frustrating when I want a little time to myself. He wakes up every 2-3hrs still to eat at night. Blah, I want some sleep. He is so smart and very strong and has a temper. When I put him in his carseat he gets so mad that he stand up, yep, he stands up in it. When I change his diaper he doesn't do like Ellie did and just lay there relatively content, he rolls and pulls himself up. He makes it a very difficult task. Yesterday before we left for church I had Ellie put her little toys up a little doctor's kit that has a lid then put the box infront of the TV. When we got home from church I gave the kids a bath then let the watch a little video while I did dishes. I put Elijah down in the middle of the floor, about 3ft away from this box. He made his way to the box and toppled it over so he could play with the toys inside. He remembered toys were in there, figured out to go there, and he didn't even see the toys. I loved seeing him accomplish what he wanted to do. He is so different from Ellie. We never had to baby/child proof the house with her, but with him, I can already tell it will be different. He chews on everything he can get to, and he has been getting to everything for about 2wks now. It really is crazy.

Ellie is doing really well. She is a very good big sister. She's ready to be potty trained. I get her up from nap and her diaper is off and the bed is dry. She tells me when she has to go "stinky" so it'll be any day now, I know. She will repeat a lot after us. She repeats Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Act, and Romans. She "sings" a lot. Her favorite songs are Jesus Loves Me, Old McDondald, any other kiddie songs. She does some of the signs for Jesus Loves Me. I've started showing her a Your Baby Can Read DVD and it has really helped her vocabulary a lot. Her favorite color is blue. She has a Little Einstein toy that if she presses the red it says "red" same for yellow and blue. If she presses the yellow and blue at the same time it says "green" blue and red, it says "purple" and red and yellow it says "orange." When I ask her what her favorite color is she runs to get it and always presses the blue. Which leads me to her favorite past time activity, is coloring. She LOVES to color. She also loves to sort things. I took her to a gymnastic center and sure she played some, but she also took the foam blocks and lined them up. She also took the frisbies and one by one laid them out and then picked them up. Early intervention tested her because we applied for some help ih her CF related bills. They said that she is like a 3yr old or almost 3yr old in every area, except for speach which she just doesn't annunciate well enough. She says a lot we have no idea what she is saying. We all know she's very smart and she LOVES people. She seldom meets a stranger and loves playing with other kids. It's really cute watching her.

Simon has a new position with his job, making more money and home more which includes weekends which has been fun for us. I'm doing well. I wish I could keep my freakin house clean though. The living room doubles as a play room and it's small so it doesn't take much for it to look very messy. It's also the office. The kitchen doubles as a laundry room since that is where the washer and dryer is. If I really could get it all clean I would put laundry away as soon as it finished because there's no room to procrassinate. The counters are the pantry, because we really don't have much cabinet space. Ugh, I think we're outgrowing this house.

I'm sure there is more that I can talk about but if I'm going to blog more then I better leave some stuff for later. I know every single day I'm calling my mom or husband saying "guess what ____ did." It used to always be Ellie doing and saying stuff, but now Elijah is starting to do more that warrants phone calls.


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you are a super mom!.... well done.

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