Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ellie had her CF appointment today. It took forever this time. Ellie will be having a swallow study study on Monday and will soon have a bronchial scope. She's always had congestion mainly in the morning. It's just getting worse and she's coughing now. She's not coughing all the time, just some. But before they go and give her medication they want to make sure she isn't aspirating when she eats. She had her first flu shot today and the rsv shot. In a month we will get her 2nd flu shot and her 2nd rsv. Apparently she has to have 5 rsv shots. And I still have to get the H1N1 vax for her.

Simon FINALLY has a trainer. He has to be at the terminal at 3pm tomorrow. He will be training for 3wks and hopefully pass the test they give then he'll be out 7-10 days more with a teammate before coming back home. I'm kind of hoping it'll just happen to fall on Thanksgiving or a day before or day after, sometime around then.

That's it for now.


Christina said...

Good luck with Ellie at her appointment. And I hope they find a trainer for your husband soon!