Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dry Socket

I had a wisdom tooth removed last Thursday. It wasn't bad at all after he gave extra novacaine. And the gas was wonderful. Friday was awesome, just a little sore jaw, the same for Saturday. I was just exhausted on Sunday, but my jaw wasn't even sore. By Monday I was ready for "real" food. Then today...Ouch!! When cold air hit, my hand went for my face. Cold or hot beverages had to stay clear of the area. My tounge acted more as a wall between the two sides of my mouth. But, despite the pain, I worked a full day with just 3 tylenols. Yay, me. After work I went to the oral surgeon. One of my worse nightmares came true, dry socket. It's been one of my biggest fears, and here I am, experiencing it. He gave me antibiotic and a mouth rinse. He tried to pack it, but I pulled back too much. It hurt like, (a word I would rather not say), and I visualized what he was doing and that didn't help much. My mom stressed the importance to me about going back and letting him. So, tomorrow morning, I will call and I will go back. Only this time, it will not be the unknown for me. I will have Simon with me which will help a lot, and I will do a lot of praying before and during the process. With Simon next to me, I can endure almost anything. So, wish me luck on tomorrow when I go back. I'm a bit nervous.