Thursday, June 30, 2011

Long Time No Blog

Facebook has taken over my blogging, but I need not to let it take over my online journal aka blog.

Little Elijah is 5months old as of tomorrow. Ellie is 2yrs 3 months. Elijah is doing very well. He had a rough start because he was tongue tied and it was hard for him to nurse and even bottle feed, though he maybe got all of 2 bottles offered those first 6wks. Now all he wants to do is nurse, he refuses bottles all together. That's my boy, but it can get a little frustrating when I want a little time to myself. He wakes up every 2-3hrs still to eat at night. Blah, I want some sleep. He is so smart and very strong and has a temper. When I put him in his carseat he gets so mad that he stand up, yep, he stands up in it. When I change his diaper he doesn't do like Ellie did and just lay there relatively content, he rolls and pulls himself up. He makes it a very difficult task. Yesterday before we left for church I had Ellie put her little toys up a little doctor's kit that has a lid then put the box infront of the TV. When we got home from church I gave the kids a bath then let the watch a little video while I did dishes. I put Elijah down in the middle of the floor, about 3ft away from this box. He made his way to the box and toppled it over so he could play with the toys inside. He remembered toys were in there, figured out to go there, and he didn't even see the toys. I loved seeing him accomplish what he wanted to do. He is so different from Ellie. We never had to baby/child proof the house with her, but with him, I can already tell it will be different. He chews on everything he can get to, and he has been getting to everything for about 2wks now. It really is crazy.

Ellie is doing really well. She is a very good big sister. She's ready to be potty trained. I get her up from nap and her diaper is off and the bed is dry. She tells me when she has to go "stinky" so it'll be any day now, I know. She will repeat a lot after us. She repeats Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Act, and Romans. She "sings" a lot. Her favorite songs are Jesus Loves Me, Old McDondald, any other kiddie songs. She does some of the signs for Jesus Loves Me. I've started showing her a Your Baby Can Read DVD and it has really helped her vocabulary a lot. Her favorite color is blue. She has a Little Einstein toy that if she presses the red it says "red" same for yellow and blue. If she presses the yellow and blue at the same time it says "green" blue and red, it says "purple" and red and yellow it says "orange." When I ask her what her favorite color is she runs to get it and always presses the blue. Which leads me to her favorite past time activity, is coloring. She LOVES to color. She also loves to sort things. I took her to a gymnastic center and sure she played some, but she also took the foam blocks and lined them up. She also took the frisbies and one by one laid them out and then picked them up. Early intervention tested her because we applied for some help ih her CF related bills. They said that she is like a 3yr old or almost 3yr old in every area, except for speach which she just doesn't annunciate well enough. She says a lot we have no idea what she is saying. We all know she's very smart and she LOVES people. She seldom meets a stranger and loves playing with other kids. It's really cute watching her.

Simon has a new position with his job, making more money and home more which includes weekends which has been fun for us. I'm doing well. I wish I could keep my freakin house clean though. The living room doubles as a play room and it's small so it doesn't take much for it to look very messy. It's also the office. The kitchen doubles as a laundry room since that is where the washer and dryer is. If I really could get it all clean I would put laundry away as soon as it finished because there's no room to procrassinate. The counters are the pantry, because we really don't have much cabinet space. Ugh, I think we're outgrowing this house.

I'm sure there is more that I can talk about but if I'm going to blog more then I better leave some stuff for later. I know every single day I'm calling my mom or husband saying "guess what ____ did." It used to always be Ellie doing and saying stuff, but now Elijah is starting to do more that warrants phone calls.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I think I'm insane

Here I sit 8months pregnant and I'm wanting to take on a challange. Give it if I fail miserably it wont matter too much, considering it's for my currently 21month old. I've been thinking I'm sick and tired of doing the same thing over and over again which isn't much. I mean I'm not a very hands on parent since being pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I've had my ups, but with lack of energy and now 8 months pregnant I have many downs. I would just like to do more in the way of teaching my toddler. It may also be because she's just now at that age where I feel it's ok to do more with her as far as teaching and crafts. I think I am going to start next week. Maybe have a letter of the week, a color of the week, a number of the week, and an animal of the week. Throughout the week I will lead her and we will do activities as they become available with whatever I chose. The reason why I'm not doing different things different days is because Monday I have 2 doctor's appointments 45minutes away, Monday night I have class at the hospital, Thursday I have a doctor's appointment in town, and who knows what I have going on with the MOMS Club. Not to mention I do have a little baby boy I will be preparing for. So I'm talking just a little segment of time a few days a week, a very relaxed schedule. Of course I will start with "A" and "1." Since dogs seem to be her favorite animal, I find it only appropriate to do dogs for our animal. Our color, will be, "red" that's a nice random color. She's a lot like I was when I was young and not really showing much preference to color. She seems to love all colors as I did. I feel since I'm blogging about this and if I let more people know about it that I can't fail as much. The cool thing is, even when brother comes into the picture this will still give us some mommy/Ellie time. And if for some reason mommy really can't join in her fun and learning, I'm sure Gammy will love to take over as "teacher" and "friend." Shoot maybe I'll do the same little coloring and painting as she does. I think I'll try it out next week, maybe post some pictures and see how it works. I'm excited, but afraid I will fail miserably as I am not a very organized and structured person. I need something to help me be more structured though. If I can't accomplish this, then honestly I think I need to plan on finding a job and sending the kids to some kind of daycare/preschool. I mean Ellie is smart, don't get me wrong, but as her teacher, I feel like my ADD and lack of structure may be affecting her in a negative way. Not something I'm cool with. So while I have the house to myself I will write the "lesson plan" for next week.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Who likes to be sick?

Not I!!! Ellie got sick with a runny nose and cough. Poor baby didn't eat much at all for a week. We started getting worried and took her to the doctor, plus her cough had gotten pretty yucky. Found out she had an ear infection. Who would have thunk it?? She's so tough when it comes to pain and being sick that she had no signs of an ear infection. This was her very first ear infection too. There was one time last year they said her ears were dull (almost infected) and they gave her antibiotic. She still had a runny nose and coughing, but she's eating and keeping it down. Oh yeah when she would eat she would throw it up because it would get stuck on the plegm. Nice.

For a while I thought that I wouldn't get sick, I don't know I guess I was stupid or something. Of course I did get sick. It started last Monday with a sore throat. The wierdest thing is the sore throat kept coming back for 5 or so days. I can get pass the runny nose and sick feeling and nasty taste in my mouth, that's just all part of being sick. What has hit me hard is I woke up Thursday morning feeling like maybe I slept on my neck wrong, nothing too bad. I had Simon massage my neck some but boy was that the wrong thing. After that it got WAY worse. It was so bad I had him track down his nana who used to be a physical therapist assistant, we went to her house. I had no range of motion in my neck. Every bump, curve, turn, stop, and acceleration on the way there caused me to scream. I generally have a high pain tolerance. I seldom rank things as a 10 because of all the problems my mom has had with pain. I didn't hesitate to say this was a 10. The only help his nana was just the tlc help me calm down, but as far as helping the pain, it didn't happen. Next stop was going to be the emergency room, though I hated that. I called my oncall OB and she told me not to go because they couldn't do anything and no meds would help unless I'm put unconcious. She said go home and call a chiropractor the next morning. That night was horrible. I couldn't lay down in the bed unless Simon was supporting my neck, couldn't sit up without help either. It was a long night. But I laid on a heating pad which seemed to help tons listened to relaxing music, and took half a unisom. Simon didn't understand the concept of relaxing, but it was a lifesaver. Morning finally came and I went to visit the chiropractor who agreed my neck was very messed up. Not much improvement after one visit but later that day I went back and slowly things have gotten better. It's easy to say that during the day, but at night it's bad again (not a 10). My neck feels too weak and achey to hold my head up. Talked to my mom and learned that she's dealing with the same kind of thing, on top of her having the same cold virus. We are assuming the neck pain has something to do with the virus we have. Ugh, I can't wait till it's over.

Pregnancy is going well. We are nowhere near ready for little guy to come though. I'll be 34wks on Thursday. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going. I'm really going to miss being pregnant as Simon is firm that this is our last one. I want one more, but if that doesn't happen I know I'll still be happy. Last week he was breech, but went to my regular OB today and she's pretty sure he flipped head down again. We hope so anyway. I'm going in every other week for ultra sound because of the high blood pressure, though it's not getting to me like it did with Ellie. I wish I wasn't considered high risk. Oh well, more opps to see the baby.

Christmas is almost here and we aren't ready. I'll tell you the one thing I hate about Christmas is the fact you have to buy for your immediately family (Simon and Ellie in my case), plus I have mother in law, nana, grandmother, father in law, 11 kids, aunts and uncles, sister and brother in laws, my mom, grandma, granddad, aunt, uncle, and cousin. I think it's just craziness!!! I feel awful if we don't buy for everybody because it seems like everybody generally buys for each other and gives at the little extended family gatherings. But goodness we have an endless list or so it seems. So I have a solution that I hope will be the cheap way out. I'm getting a case of mason jars $10 I think for all I need, a pack of sugar, flour, baking soda, M&M's and I don't remember what else. I'm going to do the cookie mix in a jar thing and for probably about $20 EVERYBODY on the list will be covered. The problem is my father in law, cousin, or granddad will not benefit from that. So a dollar tree visit is in my near future.

Considering I don't blog much I'll tell you what we have Ellie. By no means are we going overboard. I got her leapfrog junior tag reading system, which I'm guessing she wont really benefit for a few months the age is 2-4 so we'll see. We got her a little leapfrog computer. She has a toy dog that barks because she LOVES doggies. We have her a toy cleaning kit because she loves to help clean and our broom is way too big for such a little girl. She's getting a v-tech jumping turtle, she'll sit on it and jump, my aunt has one for her grandson and Ellie and all other little ones love it. I have to get a couple books to go with the reading system. She has 3 pair of pj's. It's really not a ton. Simon got me a kodak camera it has 26x optical zoom and is 14megapixels. I have had the joys of using it already and I LOVE it. For Simon, I'm pretty clueless on what to get. I know it's going to be from best buy because I have a $50 gift card, just what I'm not sure of. There's really several things he could use from there. I'll figure it out. I need to make a list of what I need and figure out my game plan in getting everything.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time is flying

In a couple days I'll be 30wks pregnant. Where in the world has this pregnancy gone? Ellie will be 20months on the 4th, so close to turning 2yrs old. I feel like I should be pregnant with her, not her turning 2 soon. She's growing up too. She has so many words and is clearly learning a lot. She was sitting on my bed watching Max and Ruby this morning when I took my shower. I could hear her talking to the TV and saying football which sounds like botball. I didn't think much of it until I got out of the shower and noticed that Max and Ruby were throwing a football around. When she hears a dog bark she knows it's a "dogga." She has many other words that honestly I have lost count and track of. Oh, maybe the hardest word of all she is saying is Christmas. When she sees Christmas lights she'll say Cicmas. We got her a big girl bed. It's actually just a longer twin mattress and box spring. It works for now, but soon I want her to have an actual bed. She sleeps well in it when I let her. She has fallen out a couple times, I really need to dig the railing out of storage, but I'm hoping I can get Simon to do that. But it seems it's a lot easier for me to just put her in bed with me. I kinda like the company in the bed, even if it means a foot in my side or I get way less than half the bed. She insist on sleeping sideways in the bed or she'll turn upside down. The pregnancy is going GREAT. Exact opposite of what was going on when I was pregnant with Ellie. I'm still able to wear my rings with very minimum swelling. I do have heartburn, but who cares about a little heartburn. All in all I'm doing great and cherishing every little movement. I'm not too thrilled with the constant peeing with a toddler in tote. Oh and the worse of it all is my underwear are falling to my knees, don't ask me how the croch stays up but the rest fall down. Time for new undies. But it's all good though. Oh something else about Ellie, she pees and poops in the toilet. SCORE!!! She still wont tell me so I have to put her on quite often, which I'm not consistent with. But when I do, she generally goes. My mom told me to put her on after meals and before and after nap, and when she wakes up and before going to bed. That seems reasonable, hopefully soon she'll start communicating her need. Some days she will hold her poop in until I sit her on the toilet then immediately she goes. I am so blessed to have such an awesome daughter. I hope this boy is just as great as his sister.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

We sure have changed

As I was thinking about our parenting style and beliefs EVERYTHING has changed. Well nearly everything has changed. Ellie and Elijah will not even be 2yrs apart, yet things will be different between them. First of all if Ellie was a boy she would have likely been circumsized. Now, Elijah will likely NOT be circumsized. There's no reason to do it. Simon shared with me his disapproval of vaccines. I have been pro vaccines, but not against delayed vaccines. The only thing is I'm not sure if Tennessee even allows that, so we'll see. We disposable diapered Ellie, up until now, but he will be cloth diapered from the beginning. I do less and less canned and jarred and frozen foods and more fresh foods. I don't buy things for convience anymore. I don't mind taking a little longer to prepare food so I don't have to get stuff with additives and preservatives in it. I am learning more vegitarian dishes, as I'm really not much of a carnivore and Ellie more often than not doesn't like meat. It amazes me just how much changes once you become a parent. Oh and yes Ellie has slept in my bed with me when she needs it. We were very against co sleeping, but honestly I'm more for doing what the child NEEDS. Ellie needed to sleep in her own room rather early on, but she's had her nights, which I have no problem with.

I'm not sure if I have revealed the name to you all. Maybe I have. Anyway in case I haven't, it's Elijah Scott. Scott is Simon's middle middle name. I want to have one back up name, a totally different style of name just in case. Right now he's Elijah, but he'll probably end up being Eli. So we will have Eli and Ellie.

I have something else to say but it's pretty much a post of it's own. Soon, very soon, promise.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hi all

Nothing much is going around here. I'm growing bigger and BIGGER. Simon questioned if I'm having twins, but I'm not. I've always thought I would have twin boys, but I guess that will never happen. We are 95% sure this baby is our last. Ellie is doing great and having so much fun in life. I took her to the zoo a couple weekends ago, then last weekend to a pumpkin patch. This weekend we went on 2hr trip to see some of my family. Next weekend we're going to the Apple Orchard. Then after that I'm kinda out of ideas, but I'm sure I'll fnd more things. Pregnancy is going GREAT. It's unbelievable how "easy" a pregnancy can be, knock on wood. I mean with Ellie I was way beyond the normal sickness with morning sickness all day and night for months. Then my stinkin blood pressure and HORRIBLE swelling. So far so good, now that I am on medicine for the thyroid I have energy to do some things which feels amazing. I guess this was a little bit of nothingness, as there isn't anything to really blog about.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A bunch of randomness

This is a post about a little of everything. Nothing specific just where life is now. I apologize if I repeat something I said in my previous post.

My thyroid blood test led my OBGYN to do nothing. However the high risk doctor found it importnant to put me on a low dose of synthoid. I've been taking it since Friday. I also had an ultra sound of my thyroid, but haven't received the results yet. I'm not too concerned about the results.

I LOVED the high risk dr. I saw, and hope I see more of her. With Ellie I mainly saw this guy that was very shy and soft spoken. They were always wierd appointments. But with this lady who has only been with the company for a year, I felt like it was a real informative appointment. I will be seen in a few weeks and then we will schedule the amnio, unless I decide against it. I'm leaning towards finding out as the results will help me prepare mentally, but then again it's not like Ellie has a real bad case of CF, so we aren't 100% sure we'll follow through with the amnio. I loved seeing baby boy on the ultrasound again. We got a profile pic and face pic, which the face pic is kinda scary looking, but the profile is cute. He was still measuring ahead with his legs and arms, and right on for his abdomen and head. He is measuring a little ahead with his weight, but nothing concerning.

Ellie is starting to have her runny nose, much as she did last fall. I noticed a week or so ago she had a gland behind her ear that felt swollen to me, so I thought this may be coming. I hate her being one of those snot nosed kids with dry snot all over her face. It's clear so I'm not runny to the pedi, if she has a runny nose for a week they give her antibiotics, which unless the snot turns green, or she starts running a fever, I am against. I am going to be taking her to a chiropracter and they will do something to her sinus' and adjust as needed. That may and may not help, but it's a less invasive procedure and way safer than medicating her or removing adnoids. Plus it's way cheaper so it's great. Hopefully it works.

Speaking of chiropractor I will be seeing the chiropractor as well. The one I found will do adjustments on my back. I'm thrilled as maybe this will help as I get further in the pregnancy with back and hip pains and maybe it will some with my desired VBAC. I mean I don't know for sure, haven't read anything about it, but my logic would say that it may help.

Ellie is doing fantastic, other than the runny nose which doesn't slow her down. It seems like she shows me something new nearly everyday. Her vocabulary is what I would consider average for her age. She has about 12 words she will say and use correctly. Her first 2 words were "thank you" which sounds more like tonka, and "doggy" which sounds more like "doga." She says thank you when somebody gives her something or when she gives you something. It's so cute.

She knows no stranger. Seriously I had her in Kmart with my mom and her friend last week. Ellie ran to another mom holding a little boy around her age. The mom put the boy down just to be attacked by Ellie. LOL. It was amusing, as she wanted to play, and tried to hug and kiss the boy as he tried to step back with a dumpfounded look on his face. That family went on their way, and a couple minutes later another young boy came with his mom and Ellie repeated, and of course scared the 2nd boy. Poor kids, having to endure the wrath of Ellie's friendliness. She is seriously such a loving and gentle kid who loves to play with her peers. No shy bone in her body, that's for sure.

Since Ellie is NOT shy at all, and clearly 2-3 times a week being in nursery with 6-12 others her age isn't enough, I have officially joined a mom's group. I was kinda in one before at the church, but due to inactivity it went on. They are hoping to get it going again. I decided to join our local MOM'S club. I was invited to a meeting by a friend, and had already made the decision to join. I paid a $20 dues so yeah, we'll be doing stuff. I already have several things circled on the calender that I want to do with Ellie in the month of October. They have over 40 moms in the group and from what I saw there are tons of kids in all age groups. I'm just hoping that I get more and more energy as between doctor's appointments and MOM's Club activities, and church, I will be very busy.

Speaking of doctor's appointments I will officially be changing OB's this week. I discussed a VBAC with the high risk doctor and though respectful of my wishes, she was a bit apprhensive. However she was very supportive of me switching doctor's, she said if for any reason I can deliver where I had Ellie and they will do the c-section, since I will be going to a doctor in a different county. She's just thinking I wont be able to have a VBAC. My first OB appointment with the new doctor is this Wednesday however I will be seeing the physician's assistant rather than the actual doctor. That's cool with me, I'll have to see her at some point anyway.

There's other stuff, but I've written enough for now. All in all, everything is great!! Life isn't always easy but thankfully there's no drama going on right now.