Monday, September 13, 2010

Gender Announcement

It's a BOY!! I was shocked and scared when she said boy. I know nothing about boys. Oh well, I was still excited and got teary eyed. It'll be a fun experience.

I was 18w5d when we had the u/s and the boy measured 19w5d in his legs, arms, and head, but his stomach measured 16wks. I will talk to the doctor on Wed. at my 20wk appointment.

Ellie is doing great, turning into a little toddler. She's having temper tantrums, LOVES her grandma's, and has words now. She understands so much more than she can say though. She is such an amazing little girl, most of the time, just those tantrums can be so embarrassing.

I'm doing great, a bit hormonal/emotional though. I am senstive and cry easier now. Oh well, must be the pregnancy. LOL, it's kinda funny though since I'm anti showing emotion. It's almost a fun way of being, to actually cry. But then I turn around and laugh at myself because there really is no need for the crying.

I'm going to call an endocrinologist. My mom has hypothyroid hoshimotos disease or maybe it's disorder. Anyway, I've been tested for hypothyroid before but never hoshimotos. I was going to wait till after the pregnancy, BUT I have read 2 totally different things today w/out even looking for it. I wasn't fishing for thyroid problems during pregnancy, but accidently fell across it. One was in relation to labor and delivery that the baby will often times not be in position for delivery thus resulting in c-sections. I think it's important I explore this if I'm going in for a VBAC. Also apparently it also affects milk supply. YIKES!!! More so than wanting a VBAC I want to be able to breastfeed successfully meaning only breastmilk for 4-6months. So if I find out I too have thyroid problems then it may give me a better chance at a VBAC and allow me to be more successful at breastfeeding. Fingers crossed.

So, I think that's all the important stuff for now.


Elana said...

Wowee, a boy!!! So lucky! Congrats!!!!

dianam17 said...

i have thyroid issues and never had a milk supply issue. i actually had too much milk. also, my son did get stuck and i had a planned c-section, but i have no idea if that was thyroid related... it was never brought up. he was actually in the transverse lie position. congrats on the boy, any baby is a blessing!

LuvMyWesley said...

I just saw that you have a blog too! Awesome! I hope you don't find if I follow it. Would you mind setting me up to receive the emails when you do a new post? It is the only way I am able to follow easily. If you don't know how to do that I can tell you.

Yay!!! A boy! You'll be a great mommy to a boy! One of each, perfect! I didn't know you were going in for a VBAC. That is great!!! I know many mommies who did a vbac for their second and had the delivery they were dreaming of.