Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update to van shopping

I took the buick in for trade in but they couldn't give me near what we needed nor what we could sell it for. We decided w/out hesitation it would be best to get as much out of the buick as we can. We'll be putting it out for sale and when we sell it we will check back with the same dealer and others and even private sellers until we find a van of similar mileage and condition. This kia sedona has really raised the bar as to what I will find acceptable. At least it means we wont be jumping into anything since it does require quite a bit of looking around to find the RIGHT thing.


Misty Dawn said...

That is a great idea! I wish we would have sold my CX-7 instead of trading it in, they only gave us 15k for it. Since we only owed 14k, DH wanted to go ahead and trade it b/c he wasn't sure how long it would take. Look at SUV's too!