Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New computer

Finally we got a new computer!! Our desktop went out on us quite some time ago. My MIL got a netbook so she let us use her crappy laptop. That one went out. So we were using her netbook because her son in law always has her internet stick so she had little problem loaning out the computer. But at times she would comment and we knew we needed to get her computer back to her, I means it's the right thing. But the thought of living without my computer was just unbearable. Ok so maybe I would have survived. But we are also trying to get Simon a job working in the offices and to do that we need internet access. So we finally made the purchase. We got a Toshiba. It's pretty nice, but we didn't get a high priced one. We really don't need a high price one. I like to put pics on the computer, go to a few sites, and apply for jobs. Since my birthday is in a month, it's pretty much my Birthday present. I'm satisfied, but I know when my birthday rolls around I'll want something even if it's small. I'll probably buy a couple maternity shirts or something for myself.


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