Tuesday, March 2, 2010

miscarriage and major concern

It was just a miscarriage, not a molar pregnancy...thank God. And it seems I am miscarrying without the need for a D&C so another good thing. Little Ellie is being an absolute life saver. If I didn't have her, it would be so much harder. Or if I had spent a while TTC it would be a lot harder.

Simon and I have decided to TAB from any TTC efforts. We are going to prevent, for a while and research the copper IUD and see if I'm allergic to copper. We'll just spoil little Ellie for now.

I'm concerned about something BIG. I thought I was O- before I was pregnant with Ellie and during most of the pregnancy. When it came time for the rhogam shot I asked them about it. They said I don't need one because I'm O+. That's fine I wasn't 100% sure anyway, I just always thought I was the universal doner, and that would be O-. They double checked my files and indeed I was O+ so I didn't get a rhogam shot. WELLLL, when they did blood work Friday for the miscarriage the lab report says I'm O-. WAIT, if I'm O-, I know Ellie is O+ and I NEVER got the rhogam shot. So I'm a little freaked. I asked the doctor real quick in the hall on my way out because that's when I noticed it. He said that's not right, that I'm O+, that it's confusing. I'm not sure what the confusing part is, I'm pretty worried. I'm afraid the lab or the doctor's office made some kind of mistake and I should have gotten the rhogam shot.

I have given blood in the pass, can I call the company and get my blood type from them? Or should I give blood again in order to find out? Or do I call the doctor's office and talk with the nurse, expressing my concern?

Also if this indeed was a mistake and I can never have anymore children because of this mistake, is it ground for a law suit? We ALWAYS wanted more than 1 child. I know, there are lots of people who can't even have that 1 child. But still wouldn't it be a big enough thing, I mean THEY made me to never be able to carry another child.


Misty Dawn said...

I am O- also Sherry. If you are indeed O- you should get an antibody screen. It will tell you whether or not your body has built up antibodies against the + RH. What is DH? Do you know? I also would have a diff lab do an ABO typing on you to confirm your blood type. Yes, it does scare me if your DH was + you should have gotten a Rhogam at 27wks and at birth. If your body has developed antibodies against + RH, then I would start getting all my records to consult with an attorney.

Elana said...

Wow. I didn't know how huge it was to be RH - and not get Rhogam...I had no idea it would have effects on future pregnancies. In any case, I agree with Misty. You need someone to tell you 100% conclusively whether you're O+ or O-. Go to your regular primary care doctor and ask them for an ABO typing to make absolutely sure. Then we'll take it from there.

I'm so glad that it was "just" a miscarriage and not a molar pregnancy and that your body is taking care of it on its own. *hugs*

Morgan Owens said...

Sherry you should really call your nurse and express your concerns. I am also RH- and had to have the shot as soon as my molar pregnacy was confirmed. I think the first step is to find out what blood type you are...tell them you have heard different types and you want to know what type you are. After that then you can figure out the next step.

Christina said...

If you've donated blood you should be able to call the organization that you donated through and find out your blood type from them, they wouldn't make an error there. I hope you get things worked out!