Sunday, January 31, 2010


Simon has been begging for sloppy joes and tator tots for over a month now. It's one of his favorite meals. I FINALLY made it for him, but he ate all the tator tots earlier so I made mac and cheese. I've been experimenting with different sloppy joe mixes, rather than sticking with the canned manwich. Last time I used one of the packets, and OMGosh, it was wonderful. This time I debated on bi-lo brand or name brand. I went with cheaper bi-lo brand. DH liked it pretty well. I on the other hand, HATE it. It's so nasty. NEVER again. So disgusting.

Another yuck, I have a yeast infection. :-( Simon leaves tomorrow early in the morning for a week. He wanted to have a little fun tonight, but I feel so gross, not to mention the pain, itching, and discomfort I'm feeling. I took a diflucan today and I have some monistat cream. Hopefully I'll be symptom free in no time. Until then YUCK!!

And for the reason I got the infection in the first place, I'm on an antibiotic. Don't worry I have stocked up on yogurt now. I'm on antibiotic for a gum infection, which is another YUCK. I had a root canal many a year ago, I was maybe 15 or 16. The dentist failed to mention I needed a crown. So with time that tooth has broken quite a bit (it's in the back). All that's left is the bottom (closer to the gum) and the outer wall. Last March the gum all around it got massively infected. It was no fun. It hurt to eat. The gum was swollen, and just plain irritated. Back in March I was also sick with a sinus infection so I was given antibiotic, which got rid of the gum infection too. WELL, the gum infection came back, maybe it's time I get the remains of the tooth pulled. It was so painful this time, that my jaw on that side felt bruised and hurt. My cheek on that side was swollen. The good news is I'm about halfway through w/ the antibiotic and the pain is about half gone.

I'm pretty sure that's all the "yuckiness" for now.


Morgan said...

That totally sucks about the yeast infection..those are miserable! It wouldn't stop me from having some fun before the hubby left town! LOL!